Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Against the current.

Have you ever needed anything and did nothing about it? Maybe you had a desire for something or you had a financial need ?
Once I really needed a job.... the type of situation where if I didn't work I wouldn't eat. Not just a job to afford extra stuff but a job to provide for my basic needs. Well, the world tells you to GO GET it. The Lord tells you to REST in Him.

I remember that I went out to interviews, sent my resume to head hunters and looked at the newspaper ads every weekend. But what I remember the most was my Dad nagging me to go find a job. I remember telling him that I had done everything I could do, now I had to wait and rest in God. That was very foreign to my Dad. But it happened just like that.

I got a job where I least expected, not through the sources or places I had visited and not through my own effort. It was all God's doing. It doesn't always happen like that. But for me, God has taught me through resting and waiting in Him. MOST of everything that I have achieved with success or my greatest needs came from Him while I was just RESTING.

Do you get an image of a lazy bum on a hammock at the beach just swinging with the breeze when you think of  RESTNG in the LORD? I do!!! LOL but you see I am such a Type A personality that anything that has to do with waiting is really outside my nature.

However after 18 years walking with the Lord I have learned NOT to FIGHT for what I want. I just WAIT and if it is supposed to be MINE it will be.

I am in that place again... waiting to see what will happen.

This morning we received a call, asking what we had decided. There were other people coming into the game. We could lose it. We told the person we couldn't decide right then. We didn't have the power to. We were still waiting.

It's crazy like that to have someone else decide your destiny.

There were a few times when I decided my own destiny and the outcome was soooo bad! It caused such stress - financially, emotionally, spiritually. So, no. I have given that to the Lord, He can decide my destiny. His Word says: "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Hey, He knows best. He can take care of me!!!

This morning my DH went so far as to say on the phone "if it's sold from our us, then be it." I have had it sold from under me before. Not once, but twice. But God gave it back to me, both times. I didn't do anything but answer the phone call that restored it back to me. :) Praise the Lord!

Can you imagine being sent to a country you don't know? Having someone else by the house of your dreams?

My husband likes to say "the land of know not." Oh, what an adventure!! I love to walk with my Lord... who knows what is in store for us? God does!!!!

I am waiting Jesus! Waiting in you, resting on you, trusting you, knowing you got me covered. and all things work together for good. :)

Who are you trusting on today? Blessings,


PS If you would like to see my latest video with some of the cards I sent to OperationWRiteHome go HERE.

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Miss Rhea said...

That is so wonderful and such an awesome testimony to His faithfulness when we wait on Him :) I am sending up prayers for you and your family :) I hope you get your answer soon and you are richly Blessed :) Hugs :) :)