Thursday, August 28, 2008


hi everyone,

this has been a busy week. My parents are leaving tomorrow back to Brazil after 2 months visiting us. The children are very sad. I think one of them is falling a little sick more of heartache than actual disease. :(

This is going to be a short post. Just a reminder really. My first Give Away ends on August 31st. As some of you know...I had lots to celebrate this month and to share my spirit of celebration I am hosting my first Give Away.

All you have to do is post a comment in any of my posts until August 31st. On September 01st, I will put all names in a bag and have one of my children draw a name. The winner gets to pick 3 items from my Etsy store among cards and tags. That's a super prize, I think!!

Anyway... just a reminder, we got just a few days left.

And to finish this post I want to share some of my newly listed items that would be gorgeous for gift giving, party favors, party decorations, place cards, tea parties, bridal showers and other fantastic occasions that you can come up with, here are 2 very international Gift tags:

I love to customize my items. So if you like the design but you need an invitation instead of a gift tag, please send me an email. These can become cards, place cards, we can add your personal notes and more. I love the challenge of changing my designs to fit your needs. The sky is the limit. :)

Have a beautiful weekend and we will talk soon. :)


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hi, my name is Tereza and I am a Paperholic.

That's how the meeting of paperholics would begin in any Local Scrapbook Store. LOL

Are you a Paperholic?? I am!! I love paper, textures, patterns. Bright paper, flowery, distressed (or stressed like Mom says!), textured paper, glittered paper...there are certain brands and collections that I could buy all of them and just look at them. Yes, that's right! I have the Hardest time using my Paper. IF only, I would use them. :(

About a year and a half ago I bought huge LOTS of paper and scrapbook lots on Ebay. Oh, Lord!! :) Those were beautiful mornings when I would greet my mail man or the UPS guy with a huge smile as I grabbed and hugged my packages.

Then, my dining room became my Scraproom but there was clutter everywhere and I couldn't function. So I began decluttering. I sold many lots on Ebay... But still the papers grew. In a month or so I will be selling another one.

I had bought one of those metal shelves...there are like 20 selves and they are constructed on top of wheels, so supposedly you should be able to wheel them to where you needed your paper to be. Well, that thing tumbled over and fell apart twice!!

My husband's comments: "There are too many papers on that thing. It won't hold that many. Get rid of some of that." A couple of days later: " you're buying more paper? But what about that thing full of papers over there?"

So I made a decision: not to buy any more paper. It's been so very hard. As a browse the auctions of brand new papers on Ebay, the new designs on the manufacturers' websites, the layouts with the new released hard. So hard to keep from buying. But my resolve stands!!! I am not buying any more paper until I have used 75% of what I got. :(

So here is my plan:

1) Make more layouts
2) Use my 12x12 papers to make 6x6" cards. Click HERE to see the cards I have already made.
3) Put my beautiful paper to work and cover all those word albums that I have that are collection dust.
4) Make more cards and layouts.
5) Sell what I can part with. Yes, not what I won't use, what I can PART with. This is a really difficult thing to do. If you are a Paperholic you understand. LOL
6) Re-vamp the paper I got....AH!!! now that is very doable, specially for a creative soul like mine that loves to try new things.

So this is what I did... Here is the original paper...(will someone name that collection and year, please?)

Now this is thick paper, double sided and gorgeous colors. How can I get rid of it?? No, no!! So I cut out the flowers, doodled on them and used them on a 8x8 layout.

Here is a close up of the re-vamped flowers...

Now, if only I could do the same with Stamps. :( I just bought 5 new stamps. Can't wait to smile to my mail man and hug my Priority box. :)

Have a beautiful day :)


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Cards different styles!

I have found new inspiration through the many friends that have stopped by my blog recently.

Cecilia's cards is one of my new sources of inspiration. She has a blog where she showcases her cards. Like me she loves vintage and creates cards with vintage images and all these beautiful embellishments.

Unlike me, she loves to layer and adds lots of different patterned papers and stitches them together sometimes. So I tried layering my papers and added my own embellishments. I also added a patterned paper to the inside of my card. Here is the result.

Now check out Cecilia's cards HERE. She does beautiful artistic cards. :)

I also am working on some cards for CARDS FOR HEROES organization. I love to try new styles. So I went with whimsical, playful and upbeat. I also tried a completely different size: 6x6" cards. This is what I made:

I also layered and embellished the insides:

Lessons learned:
1) it's always good to try something new.
2) I will be listing cards in a new size soon, very soon.
3) Make sure to check on my cards, some will have pretty patterned paper on the inside too.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the view!! :)


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lots of fishes in the bucket!!

oh, I had a busy weekend. I am tired and the week is just beginning. :)

I am so blessed! Today at church while I worshiped I felt the Spirit of Intercession come over me and I cried as I prayed for the soldiers that are serving our country and their families. There are so many sacrificing themselves for the greater good, for freedom, for the love of their country and what they believe it's right. I cried, prayed and thanked God for them. Prayed for their safety, for their comfort, that God would embrace them, protect and comfort their loved ones that are far away.

I am so blessed. I have my loved ones near. I got so many fishes in my bucket.

How many times have you complained and grumbled about your circumstances? I have done that a lot. Many times during the day. But I am so blessed.

I was reminded today by my husband about a verse in the Bible that says that if you see someone in need, you don't them tell goodbye and God bless them. You go and help supply their need. What kind of a brother am I if I see my neighbor in need and turn away and hope God would help them and don't do a thing?

So, anyway, I got so many fishes in my bucket and I decided to share them. I realized that I began card making for all the wrong reasons, but I am finally on track now. Thanks to this place I realized that a simple card can bring someone hope, can show them that God cares, that He is for them, that they are not forgotten. What better feeling is there to know that someone thought of you today?

Any way, I am rambling... but I just had to put in words the things that went on in my head this weekend. My daughter caught the fishes on Saturday, I found CardsforHeroes on Friday and today I prayed and thanked God for all of our fishes. :)

Before, I sign off, I wanted to thank everyone who have been visiting my blog. I have got a lot of new visitors and many of them have their birthday in August like me. So I decided to let the winner of my First Give Away pick his/ her prize.

Yes, that's right! the winner of my First Give Away gets to pick what they want. The winner can pick 3 items (among cards and tags) from my Etsy shop as their prize. So if you haven't checked out my Etsy shop, go browse it, for you might be the lucky winner. :) And if you haven't commented on my blog yet, do it for a chance to win my First Give Away. :)

Have a blessed week...I got to go make some Cards for Heroes! :)


Friday, August 15, 2008

Finally Done!!!

Remember this pretty baby?

Well, I finally got around to finishing that layout. I have been busy with Bridesmaids' invitations, boutique cards and tags and other things, that I had to push that page to the side.

But I got around to it last weekend and I finished it. Now, what do you think?

I have added lots of layers of prettiness: masking, stamping, glitter, collages, sequins, and more... I really liked the way it turned out.

I also finished designing a new card last night.

Now, can you resist that sweet face??

Have a blessed day!!! :)


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Provence Under the Stars Garden Party

Doesn't that title sound divine?? No, it's not my birthday bash!! I wish!

So, for you that don't is my birthday! Yes, I turned 17 years old today!! No, no, no, just kidding! But, I won't tell you my age... let's just say I am experienced! LOL

Anyway, back to the title of my post. A customer of mine from Oregon, purchase a few sets of Paris tags from my I love Paris collection and used them as place cards at her Garden Party.

Below you can see the photos of the tags. They are 3" scalloped round, embellished with a rhinestone and ribbon. Oh-la-la!! tres magnifique!!

Now for the party decorations...take a look at that mini Eiffel Tower.

Thank you, Anji, for the photos. I am sure everyone was delighted with your hospitality. :)

Be blessed today,


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Scrapperlicious blog!!!

Good morning, everyone!!!

I just wanted to share, really quick (I am on my way out to run some errands!), a Blog that has revolutionized the way I scrap! Her name is Irene Tan and while she says she has no artistic background she is a genius when it comes to make art on paper.

She has the most amazing techniques...things that are so simple that you catch yourself saying "why didn't I think of that?". Simple but with great details. I love her blog. I check it daily. She inspires me, she challenges me... I have found freedom again to just use my creativity and do whatever I desire. I have learned once again to "go with flow".

I am a very impulsive, on a whim type of artist and somehow I got caught up in the lie that there is just one way of scrapping. So, I don't let my supplies limit me any more, not even my paper addiction limits me. LOL Now, when I really want some pretty new released paper instead of buying it (Because, really!! who can afford to buy paper every time they release a new one??!!)I re-create what I already have. I fall in love all over again with the pretty paper that is cluttering my house and gathering dust. LOL

Irene Tan aka Scrapperlicious has taught me again "to think outside the box". Thank you, Irene!!! Like you say my friend " I am scrapping with my heart and having fun again."

So, below you will see 2 cards that I have created using 2 techniques that she has taught in her blog. Take a look and go check out her blog and be amazed!!! LOL

Ps Don't forget to comment on my blog for a chance to win on my first Give Away. Signing up ends August 31st.


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I have been featured!!

A few weeks ago a sweet lady, named Rhea, came by my Etsy shop and purchased one of my newest Cottage Style cards. It's a sweet one called "You are my Best of Friends". It showcases 2 little girls holding roses and I designed the card with popped up roses. So it's a 3D card!!

A few days later she came back and purchased another one. She said she was framing the second one, since she sent the first to her Best of Friends.

She was so generous to feature my card and shop on her blog.

My challenge to you is to stop by her blog and find the card I am talking about and also see the pretty things she has there. Thanks, Rhea!!! :)

Don't forget to post a comment here to enter my First Give Away!!!

Be blessed today,


CUSTOM Bridesmaids' Invitations and Thank you cards

Are you getting married? Know someone that is? Would you like to impress your bridesmaids or guests with special Bridesmaid's invitations? Or thank your hostesses and bridesmaids with personalized cards or tags?

Check out my Etsy shop for many options of cards and invitations. I can customize the cards to the palette you are using for your wedding. I can personalize the names, skin and hair color, dresses and more.

Below are some of my past custom work. Email me if you have questions or for a free consultation. I always design a proof so that we are on the same page as to what you are looking for.

Don't forget my First Give Away. You can enter for a chance to win just by leaving me a comment. My First Give Away ends on August 31st!!!

Have a blessed day!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Grace Kelly the Princess

hi everyone...

my First Give Away is in full swing. Don't forget to enter. All you have to do is leave me a comment here until August 31st. I will then enter all names and draw the winner one who will receive at home a box full of FREE goodies.

On another note...Look what I have been up to.... I got some new cards designed with the Princess Grace Kelly.

How can one improve such beauty?? LOL

Great excitement is in the air...I am getting ready to launch a new line of cards in a new venture with a new friend. I will let you know more soon. :)

I am also working with a wonderful new Boutique in Indiana and they are having their Pink carpet Grand Opening Party at the end of August. I am busy getting some great items to give away in the goodie bags for the event.

I have been very busy.... But thank God He is with me and I want to Praise His Great name!!

I will post a photo of the items the winner of my First Give Away will receive... just give me a couple more days!! :)

have a beautiful blessed day!!


Monday, August 4, 2008

My FIRST Give Away!!!

Good morning, everyone!!

Like I promised, I am hosting my First Give Away on my blog this month of August!! This is a special month for me and I want to celebrate by giving!! :)

There are so many reasons to celebrate...August is a very meaningful month for me...We started Ebay on August, I registered on Etsy in August, one of my babies was born in August, I was born in August... I don't know I just like the month of August.LOL

And I will say that this is a special month and great things will happen!!! :)

So the Give Away is on, from today August 04 to August 31st, you have a chance to win a fantastic gift from me. Just post a comment and I will enter your name for a chance to win. One entry per person only. And please spread the word!!!

I will post a picture of what you could win in my next post.

Have a blessed day!! :)

"We give thanks to You, O God, we give thanks! For your wondrous works declare that Your name is near." Psalm 75:1