Sunday, April 17, 2011

12 weeks pregnant....

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. " Hosea 4:6

Do you know what is a pregnant woman carrying in her womb at 12 weeks?

Some people think that it is just a blob of tissue. Some people are told that it is just a blob of tissue. But that is not true.

I just finished creating a chipboard album and a keepsake box to hold photos of a 12 week old baby and I can tell you he is not a blob of tissue. His name is Phillip.

I never thought I carried a blob of tissue when I was 12 weeks pregnant but I was told by a doctor that it was so. I have sonograms of my DD8 at 12 weeks sucking her thumb and she was not a blob of tissue.

What do you think? Why do you think people want us to believe that a 12 week old baby is a blob of tissue?

Would you share Phillip's story with someone that does not know that a 12 week old baby is a BABY? Would you share this truth with someone today? 


PS More photos and a video coming of the album and box on a later post. :)


Michelle said...

Tereza you may want to check the US of your daughter, perhaps it was done a little later, as usually they do not do them that early unless they are looking for life, and cannot find the heartbeat with the external doppler. Babies do not develope individual digits till after 12 weeks, it is usually about 14-15 weeks they can suck their thumb. As a nurse, I just wanted to correct that.

I don't think of a pregnancy ever as a "blob of tissue" I think of it as either a baby or a potential baby depending on the length of pregnancy.
I guess I was thinking you must be alluding to abortion in this post.
And while I know the joy of motherhood, and the faces of my angels, I would never presume to judge what is best for someone else, nor would I want the government to do that. What may be wrong in my eyes or my religion may not be in someone else's. My thoughts have always been I will leave the judging to the Big Man upstairs.
Just my honest feelings.

Tereza Crump aka MyTreasuredCreations said...

Hi Michelle,

thanks for your comments. I appreciate your input as a nurse and a Mom and a believer. :)

The ultrasound of my daughter was done at 12 weeks. The technologist who did the US has over 25 years of experience and that was not the only screen shot we took. Not only was my DD8 sucking her thumb, she moved, opened her mouth and more. Babies are unique human beings. Although scientists and doctors have set milestones for babies and children's development, they will develop according to what their Creator has determined for them.

What I am trying to say is that "as human beings we don't know everything." that is why we need to trust God and take Him at his Word when he treats any pregnancy as "a woman with child".

As for judging... I am not judging. I am trying to share knowledge. I know of women that if they had been told or shown that what they were carrying was a baby they would not have had an abortion. And I also know that to some women it wouldn't have mattered.

I think knowledge allows one to make better decisions, if they want to. Forgiveness and restoration are given by Jesus to those that have made wrong decisions. I know. I received both and much more from Him. :)


Anonymous said...

My baby had all of his individual fingers and toes at only 12 weeks. He even had his little boy parts. Maybe some babies develop faster than others.