Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy Spring Easter Card Set

Hi not Spring time yet...but I know a lot of people (me included!) who are wishing it was. So with that in mind and Amy's gorgeous card pockets as inspiration I have created this lovely card set.

Amy is the owner of and she has wonderful cards. She has one that is actually a little pocket and out of it comes this tag. She has made different pockets and tags sizes and shapes. The one that inspired me was the pocket with the tag in the shape of an egg.

We, at home, don't celebrate Easter with eggs and bunnies. One of the reasons is I don't want to confuse my children. The whole holiday began with a pagan celebration and it was then Christianized. It's been over 10 years now that I have become a committed, born again Christian and when I was a child we celebrated the holiday with eggs, bunnies and chocolate. So to me celebrating Easter with these symbols means going back to my pagan ways.

Anyway... I got inspired by her card and decided why not make one with a Bible verse in it??

God is sooo awesome that He gives us the opportunity of new beginnings every day. Every day the sun comes up giving us the chance of a new start. The flowers and birds come back after a long winter; the rainbow shows itself off in the sky after the for me, a reminder that In Christ, all things become NEW is so delightful! What a joy to know that in Christ, there is forgiveness and everything CAN become new because He died for our sins. That He cleanses us from ALL our iniquities and because He rose from the dead there is HOPE that all things are possible to those that believe in Jesus!! Aleluia!!

enjoy the cards!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

While waiting on sunshine...

While I am waiting on sunshine so I can take pictures of the Easter/ Spring card sets I have made to list on Etsy, I decided to list my altered Bear Album on Ebay. This album was completely made of chipboard and was my second altered album.

Here is a slide show of the whole album for you to enjoy. As always I want to let you know that I love to do custom work and if you have a need for something unique never seen before, email me. I might want to create it for you. Enjoy my BEAR! Oh, it's been auctioned right now on, don't miss this opportunity to get it. :)

Friday, February 15, 2008

New Techniques: New ART!!

I found this blog that just provoked me to create new things. I was overwhelmed by the quantity and variety of new techniques. I just had to try my hand at some of them.

I love to ink and distress...I love the Vintage feel of Daisy D's papers and I had some vintage music sheets, what you call Ephemera. So I made these made of torn paper and embellished them with rhinestones. Then I used my vintage papers and ephemera to make cards and even alter a ribbon spool. Inked a doily and played with some more sparkly little things and I made a beautiful set of 2 cards and an ornament.

I will list it on my Etsy shop. So make sure you come on buy and snatch it before anyone else does. I will even add a surprise. I won't tell, you will have to go look.

So check out my new creation and some more great altered items in the slide show below.

I love to hear your comments.

Have a blessed day,

Monday, February 11, 2008

Welcome to my first post!

So I have joined the Blogosphere! I wrote somewhere that I didn't blog because I don't have time for it. Well, I am going to have to make time, huh?

I want to welcome you to my blog...I promise you I won't ramble too much. I hope you can sit down and enjoy the view. I will certainly try to make your time here worthwhile.

My husband is the computer Guru and he is working hard helping me upload my pretty albums and making them flashy and movie like. :)

Make sure to check out my links and see all the pretty cards and custom work I have available for you. Mention you read my blog when you buy in any of my Etsy shops and I will give you a 10% discount over your total purchase.

So come in and check me out. :)

Have a Blessed day!!

PS: MTC stands for My Treasured Creations and also my initials. :) YOu can type it on Etsy and Ebay and find all my items listed at any time.