Monday, October 31, 2011


I had seen Khan on TV a while back and filed him in my brain to look him up on a later date. He is a genius who began doing video tutorials on YouTube and it has escalated in an amazing way. So now, it's available for FREE for anyone... there's Math, Algebra, Calculus, Chemistry, History and everything in between. Watch the video below to know more and then go check out his website.

If you have gifted children or you are just tired of teaching the same thing over and over to your homeschooled child, or you are just busy and want a break, his website could be the solution. :) I know for my children that enjoy computer work and like different flavors in their learning, they will love this.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Beautiful Fall episode 2

I am amazed at the things I see around me. At our new house we have plenty of trees that change colors in the Fall. I took so many pictures and the above is one of them. My favorite color is yellow and mix it with browns, reds and green. Oh, what a picture!!!

Remember where I shared about the acorns that have covered our drive way and how we picked and were going to use them? Well, they didn't turn out that good. I am a nut fanatic. I am from Brazil and there we eat Brazil nuts, cashews and gigantic pine nuts. I have picked these, cracked them and used them in breads and cookies and more. We roast our nuts too and eat them like Americans eat potato chips.

But, back to the acorns... I processed them but the tannin flavor was just too strong. I didn't find it palatable at all. So, yeah, didn't make anything with them, threw that batch away and left the rest on the ground for the deers and squirrels. :)

I have been making cookies though... using Chia Seeds and coconut oil... I will share more of those later with recipes...

I just did a search on YouTube about the Acorns (I feel like a failure that my acorn project didn't work out specially since I have so many of them in my own front yard.) and you know what I think I will try this again. I will keep you posted with pictures this time.

HERE is an amazing post about being THANKFUL!!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Beautiful Fall!!

I love that my children are not in school. Days like today come to confirm our decision to homeschool. It was a perfect day outside and the children and I spent about 2 hours picking acorns, riding bikes, taking pictures, riding our skateboard down our drive away and just laughing and enjoying each other. This day made me think of my school days locked up inside a classroom wishing to be outside enjoying the sunshine that I could see stream in through the very high windows. Have you ever noticed that they are put way up high? Light can still come in but you can't look out because they are out of reach. It's sad to be stuck between 4 walls.

Here are some snapshots of our fun day. Now that we own almost 4 acres of land we are having so much fun enjoying nature around us.

Leaves are beginning to change.

One of my favorites shots is to capture all my children TOGETHER.

Never ate acorn. Have you? Will let you know how they taste. :)

Enjoy life!

What have you been up this beautiful October??



Thursday, October 13, 2011

Be still, my fluttering heart!

This is one of my favorite pictures of my 2 oldest children. It was taken on a Fall day as we watched a parade of horses and mules. I was playing on a free photo editing program the other day and I cropped and used some fun effects and this is the result.

My prayer is that this closeness and tenderness will always be in their hearts for one another. :)

Anyway, fall is here!! What have you been up to??

We visited Gulf shores a few days ago. You can certainly check out THIS VIDEO to see the playful mammals that we saw. The children were thrilled to experience this fun cruise.

I would like to tell you that if you ever need a place in Gulf Shores you need to check out Dana Flynn's condos. They are very modern, clean and beautifully decorated. The link is for one of her condos, but she has 4 for you to choose from.   HERE is her WEBSITE.

We are also busy with so many things... too many to tell them all. I have photos to share of some projects and leaves changing but they will have to wait for another post. The children are calling my name... it's snack time!! I just wanted to check in because it has been almost 2 weeks since my last post! :)


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Reading list of September 2011

School year has started for everybody else. We don't actually stop learning so for me we "do school" all year long. If you have followed our reading lists so far, you can see we don't stop reading. Here are the books we read this past month of September:

Leif Ericsson Explorer of Vinland (circa 1000) - We the People by Dan Zadra

Many Nations - An Alphabet of Native America by Joseph Bruchac
Amazon Diary - the Jungle Adventures of Alex Winters 
The Mystery at the Alamo - a BoxCard children's mystery
The Nice Book by David Ezra Stein
Elmer and the Lost Teddy by David McKee
Gumbrella by Barry Root
Me with You by Kristy Dempsey and Christopher Denise

The planet's most extreme gluttons by Animal Planet
The planet's most extreme speed (the 10 fastest creatures on the planet) by Animal Planet
The planet's most extreme survivors (the 10 most extreme survivors on the planet) by Animal Planet