Thursday, July 28, 2016

Update on my weight loss journey with photos.

 So this is me on May 31st, 2015. I had been going strong on a Whole Foods Plant Based Lifestyle for 11 weeks and had shed 27 pounds. I weighed 211 pounds and was wearing a very old pair of pants that I hadn't put on since 2002. Pants were a 
size 18W.

I felt great. Had more energy, was exercising and walking almost daily. 

When I saw this photo, I thought I looked SHORT. :/

It really did not depict how I felt on the inside.

This is me 2 days ago - July 26, 2016.

Weight 171 pounds. Wearing a brand new pair of jeans
size 11 youth. 

Feeling great.
Comfortable in my
new skin and body. 
I feel TALL! :)

My desire is to
keep going and reach
150 pounds and
then see what's next. 

In May of last year I could not foresee what I would look like or how I would feel this year. I just knew that I was feeling pretty great then and the results were showing up quickly and pain free. I wanted to keep going and that's what I did.

I still feel the same. I want to keep moving forward. 
I don't know where I will end up but I know it will be good. :)

What journey have you been on? How are you feeling? 


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

How I lost 60 pounds and revolutionized my life!

Where have I been?

It's been almost a year since I posted here and maybe you have been wondering where I have been?

To the left is a photo of me and my husband taken this past Sunday and together we have lost 100 pounds.

So where have I been?

I have been busy changing our lifestyle. Something had to give because in the midst of all this, I am still homeschooling. So blogging had to fall by the way side. 

However, I am seriously considering posting again and even creating some videos where I will share our meals and recipes. Would you be interested? If so, leave me a comment and tell me what is your biggest challenge to change your lifestyle?

All I can offer you is hope. If I could do it with an American husband and 4 kids anyone can do it!! 

Go HERE to find out how we lost 100 pounds together and then come back and leave me a comment!