Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas to our Heroes!!

Have you seen the movie above?? It will bring joy to your heart. :)

As some of you may know I have made and sent some cards to our fellow heroes abroad. You can see some of the cards I have made in the past HERE, HERE and HERE. I haven't sent any in since I became pregnant, but I have been collecting cards that I plan to send in after Christmas. They can use cards all year long. Any theme, any type, any holiday, just because cards. Take a look at their website and blog (links below) for more information on the cards you can make.

Operation Write Home is an awesome organization that sends the cards to our heroes and they get to send some love to their loved ones here back home for free.

If you would like to help you can make cards too or donate money that goes into paying for shipping costs. Just click HERE to find out more!

Merry Christmas everybody!!


Friday, December 18, 2009

Couldn't say No.

This past week I received an email with a request for Bridal cards. As you know I am taking a little break due to my pregnancy and not taking any custom orders for Bridal cards, but I just couldn't say no.

The Bride lost her father when he was 48 years old and is having her 2 brothers walk her down the aisle. She also asked for a special card to give to her Step Dad to ask him to lead her on the Father Daughter dance. She also wanted the cards in time for Christmas!!! I know...short notice...but how could I say no???

An additional 4 bridesmaids cards were also made. I shipped them today and she should get them all in time for Christmas!!

Now I feel like Santa Claus!!! hahahaha :)

Enjoy your weekend.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Baby boy Custom Word Album

As I had promised I wanted to share with you some of the first pictures of a Custom Name Album I am working on. The Mom asked me to make one for each of her sons. The photos below is just the first step of very detailed work. This album is made of MDF and stands at 8" tall and it's almost 17" long. It is gorgeous to decorate a mantle or a dresser. I promise to share the final pictures when the album is ready.

Here is a photo with a 4.25x5.5" card in front of the album so you can visualize the actual size. Once the album is ready, all the recipient needs to do is add the photos to it.

If you would like a custom made album please email me. I love custom orders and they are always the perfect gift for that someone that has everything.

This past week I also had an exquisite request to put together a kit to create one of my vintage albums like the ones you see HERE and HERE. If I have enough time, I might create some unique kits and add them to my store. I will share this first one when I finish putting it together.

I hope you have a great week. :)


Friday, December 4, 2009

It's a Beautiful Life - Vintage Scrapbook album

Hi everyone...

the skies are gray but I managed to get some decent pictures of my latest creation. I will be posting it for sale on my Etsy shop later on today. If you can't wait, email me. :)

Here is a couple of photos as an appetizer. The album has 6 chipboard pages loaded with designer papers from various brands and lots of vintage photos. I have adhered them with non permanent adhesive, so you can take them off and use your own photos if you like. It's the perfect gift for the vintage lover or for a baby girl's album. The whole slide show with all the pages of the album is at the end of my blog for you to enjoy. :)

I also finished a Christmas paperbag album that I will be listing on Etsy. Here is the front cover. We got big plans for Christmas, I will share it later on this week. :) Enjoy the photos.


Friday, November 27, 2009

Hybrid 8x8 scrapbook pages.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Day. I am still in Thanksgiving mode. I am so blessed. God has been so good to us. :)

Awhile back I shared how I fell head over heels in love with digital scrapbooking. Because I love all the 3D embellishments, and layering, inking and distressing in the traditional scrapbooking, hybrid is a natural thing to me. Are you asking what is hybrid? ok, real quick. Hybrid is a mix of digital and traditional scrapbooking. You might use a digital image or graphics and then use it in traditional scrapbooking (gluing, cutting, inking, distressing with your hands scrapbooking).

anyway... the layouts above were created using graphics from kaymillerdesigns.com. I thought it would be fun to offer some of my customer 8x8 hybrid pages. I have build them to be a 3D scrapbook page using kay miller graphics. Take a look and see how easy scrapbooking can be.

These can be easily customized too. Email me if I got you thinking of all the possibilities!! LOL

I am working on 2 custom made albums and will be posting pictures this coming week. In the meantime, you can find some of my newly listed items in my Etsy shop.

Enjoy your family! :)


Thursday, November 19, 2009

OPEN for business!!!

Ok, so my sacrum is really giving me a hard time. I am not even 30 weeks yet and I just can't sit still for more than an hour. The joys of pregnancy!!!

Since I am not taking any major custom orders I decided to clean up my studio. I have a lot of unfinished projects that I will be listing on my Etsy store. Everything will be ready to ship, so here is your chance to grab a vintage looking handmade one of a kind gift for yourself or a loved one. :)

There will be a couple of small BABY guest books, a little girls' vintage scrapbook, a DAD album, maybe a Christmas chipboard album, a paperbag one, cards, premade layouts and other little things. These are all projects that I began and were put on hold due to custom orders that came in. So I will be digging them up from my drawers and finishing them and giving you the opportunity to purchase one of MyTreasuredCreations.

Check out the link to my store to see the items already listed. :) Enjoy!

In the meantime, more photos of the DAD album!!


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Prima Products Picks Giveaway!!!

My favorite color in the whole world is YELLOW. I love the warm tones of yellow and orange. So when I saw THIS I was in heaven. Prima is giving away some gorgeous flowers and you will want to hop over there and try to win some.

I hope I win!! Good luck to you!!!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Altered DAD album using Webster's Pages Scrapbook papers

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share with you more photos of the DAD album I finished recently. This is not an album made of chipboard. It's actually made of MDF and it is a massive and impressive album. It stands at 8" tall and is almost 13" long.

It's the perfect album for memorabilia, keepsakes, letters and lots of pictures. It will look gorgeous decorating a mantle or a dresser. It will certainly impress anyone who sees it.

I will share the first 3 pages which make the word DAD. And the next few days I will share the rest of the album. There are a total of 7 boards which makes a total of 14 pages altogether.

The butterfly is my own. Hop over my OTHER BLOG to find out what she is made of. :)

Board #2, the letter A. Below you will see the front and the back of it. This was a custom order and with all my custom orders I like to provide some photo mats, but also allow for freedom for my customer to place more than one photo in each page if they so wish. The mats are really not confinements to your photos, but sometimes you can find yourself restrict by them. So if the page does NOT necessarily have a mat then we can think freely of how to use our photos.

Sometimes when I am already taking pictures I realize that I need to add more things to the album, that's how the BABY DOLL tag showed up. :)

Below the front of the third board, the letter D. Each page involves a lot of work done. I paint each board, layer my patterned papers then I add my embellishments. Make sure to check my OTHER BLOG to find out some of my techniques.

This is the back of the same board.

I would love to hear your comments and if you are looking for a memorable gift for someone special please email me. I would love to work with you! I am at the moment working on 2 albums for 2 little precious boys. I will share them when they are finished.

Have a great Sunday! :)


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It's a GIRL!!

I am 23 weeks pregnant and 2 weeks ago we found out we are expecting a little girl! :) The canvas above was made by me in 2007 and I used one of my first born many ultrasound pictures to showcase it.

Can you guess how old that baby is? Would you believe that she was 12 weeks old in uterus??? She is completely formed, as you can see, and she is sucking her thumb. My first born was not shy at all. She loves the camera today and when she was in my belly she loved the ultrasound machine. I have many different poses of her: yawning, kicking, sucking her thumb, praying on her knees. LOL She is amazing!

Each child is really a completely different unique individual. My other two were more reserved and we could never get a really good picture of them because they were always hiding their faces.

This one is also a bit more reserved. LOL The ultrasound machine wasn't one of the best either so I don't have any really good shots to share. But enjoy my firstborn's one!

I am always amazed at God's creations! Be blessed today.

I will share more photos of the DAD album and other custom work later this week. :)


Monday, October 26, 2009

Wedding Gift for Father of the Bride has Shipped!!!

This gorgeous album is going to NY. A very special bride asked me to create this album for her so she can honor her Dad on her Wedding Day. I can foresee precious photos of both of them in this keepsake. :)

I will share more tomorrow on this album as well as the MOM album that I also created for her.

I also have an announcement to make. So please come back.

I am taking custom orders again, so email me if you would like something special created for you!!

Be blessed,


Monday, September 28, 2009

Give Away at Crop Spot!!

I am still trying to scrapbook. I have managed to clean out my scraproom. I will try to post photos and a card I made some time soon. In the meantime, I am hoping this awesome Give Away will get me inspired!!

I am looking forward to finding out the baby's sex. Maybe this week or the next. :) I will keep you posted.


Friday, August 21, 2009

What happened???

So, it's been over a month since I last posted on my blog. My Etsy shop is closed, my Ebay listings are down and my customers are emailing me asking what is up.

So if you have been wondering too...here is the big news: I am pregnant again!!! yes, Our fourth child is in the oven. Due to make his or her great appearance in February 2010.

I have been feeling very tired, nauseous and tired. Did I already say that? Yes, very tired. My working hours have been resumed to 0 per day. I am usually like this on the first trimester of all my pregnancies, so I am not worried at all. Just taking it easy and trying not to throw up (my gagging reflex is so bad, I have a hard time brushing my teeth.).

Yesterday, we went to see the baby and it is growing. I am at about 14 weeks along and baby is perfect!!

So, if you need anything from me, please email me but please be patient. I will probably be back in full swing in another month or so, but in the meantime, I am doing the best that I can. :)

Here are a few snapshots of 2 custom orders I did finish in the last 2 weeks. I will share more next week. My parents are going back to Brazil next week and we go back to our routine. :(

I want to thank everyone who have emailed me and those that follow my blog and have been asking "What happened?" Well, now you know! :)

Be blessed,


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The versatility of Damask

I have been away. My parents and my brother with his wife arrived 10 days ago from Brazil and we are having a great time enjoying each other. The children just cannot have enough of the grandparents. :)

I am finishing a couple of custom orders and have closed my ETsy shop temporarily. I will be re-opening in August. If you are interested in a custom bridal card or scrapbook album please contact me through the button on the side bar.

For now, I wanted to share the versatility of damask. I just love the classic look of a black and white damask background with any color on top of it. Just take a look at some examples below.

Below the latest custom order, the bride customized her own text. Each card has a special message for each bridesmaid.

I also have some news that I will be sharing another day. I hope you are enjoying summer. It's my favorite time of the year. :)

Thanks for stopping by,

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mother of the Bride Scrapbook Album

I just wanted to share another sneak peek of the beautiful gift one of my clients is giving to her Mom. She is getting married and she is presenting her Mom with a beautiful keepsake filled with photos, letters and other memorable little things from their lives together.

I am almost done. :)

have a great week.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

On your Wedding Day Card

Once a bride now a friend's bride, a former customer asked me to customize and personalize a special card for her friend that is getting married. This is what we came up with together.

I think she loves red. I made her Bridesmaids' cards in red, now this card for her friend in red also. :)

I got more to share later on this week. I am running out of time. My parents arrive next week from Brazil and I am so very busy with lots of custom orders and getting the house ready for them.

Thanks for stopping by. :)