Wednesday, July 30, 2008

YES, you ARE seeing double!!!

Yes, you ARE seeing double!!

I just finished today another CUSTOM work!! this time it was a BABY GIRL Word album!! I used Daisy D's paper and Prima flowers, as well as stamps and handmade paper flowers.

This customer asked me to duplicate the album you see on the very top of my blog. Oh, it's so hard for me to duplicate something I already made! :( I tried my best and I think I came very close to the original.

What do you think??? I think little Ashlynn will be very pleased!!!

By the way, as some of you already know I will be hosting in the month of August my first Give Away. All you have to do is come by here and post a comment for a chance to win. Only one entry per person, but you can surely leave more than one comment. At the end of the month, I will enter everyone's name who left me a comment from August 1st - 31st and draw a name. the winner will receive a bag full of goodies... I will post a photo of the prize in future posts.

So spread the word. Tell your friends about it and come by anytime!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Customize a BOOK MARK

I Loooooooove Custom work. Why? Oh, because it's like a challenge to me. Sometimes wonderful customers will come around and ask me for something I don't usually make. For me, it's the same as a kid in a candy store. My juices start, not my saliva!!! LOL

My creative juices!!! in my brain!! they start flowing at the speed of light and in seconds I get a million ideas and can't wait to put them into work.

So this past weekend, a lady asked me to create a bookmark for a lady that has a birth date same as mine!! yeah!! how funny is that??

So I made her a bookmark!! Actually I couldn't resist and made her 2 for the price of 1!! Yeah!!! So come by my Etsy store and if you are in the mood of asking for something custom go right ahead!! I loooooooooooooove custom work!! :) Have a blessed day!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Customize a CARD

How many times have you seen a card that you just love the design, the colors, everything about it, except it has the wrong text or greeting on it?

Well, I have some wonderful return customers that are always asking me to come up with some unique cards for them. I just have a blast creating for them. Sometimes I am in a rut and all I need is someone to ask me for custom work. My creative juices get flowing and I have a ball creating treasures.

So anyway...I had 2 of my customers ask me for custom work and this is what I have made:

Aren't they beautiful? Well.. I think so.

I decided to offer them and offer to customize them according to your need. YOu don't want to say "thinking of you" but Merci Beaucoup (thank you in French) instead. No problem, I can customize it for you. You want to say "Marci, I miss you." I can do that too.

So if you want to see some of my new cards that can be customized stop by my ETsy shop. I also got some great Paris theme tags and Rose Cottage cards for you to enjoy!!

Got to go back to work. I have a Baby altered album to make and an order for Bridesmaids invitations!! Oh, so exciting!!

Ps Don't forget my first Give away coming up this month of August!!! :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Christmas in July LOT on EBAY!!!

Ok, I think I am finally done cleaning up my studio.

I will list tonight on EBAY a huge Lot of Gift items and Christmas cards. There is a little something for everybody...there are 2 Paper bag albums, 2 altered jars, Rose cottage gift tags, one altered tin for all those Christmas goodies, an altered gift tag album and lots, lots of Christmas cards.

So spread the word and come bid on this lot and you will be half way ready for Christmas before it's here!!! Click on the link on the right MY LISTINGS ON EBAY to see this auction and other items listed.

The BIG Surprise that never came!!

In one of my previous posts I said I was bringing you a big surprise. Well, the week ended and the surprise never arrived!! :(

I am so sorry!! I got busy with so many custom orders and wholesale orders in my Etsy shop and was never able to post again. here is the surprise...I will begin hosting a "Once a Month Give Away" in my blog. Each month you can leave me a comment and enter for a chance to win a bag full of fresh and newly designed goodies from my Etsy shop. That's right!! MyTreasuredCreations will give you a chance to win some of my pretties for FREE.

The first give away will run from August 01st to 30th. I will post a photo of what you will receive if you win.

Here are the rules... leave a comment on any of my posts starting August 01st and I will add your name to a treasure box. At the end of the month I will randomly pick a name and this will be the winner. One comment per chance to win, but you can always visit me more often. :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Hello everyone... I hope you are enjoying this beautiful Summer!!

I have a great SALE in store for this month. Christmas in July!!!

that's will find in my Etsy shop some great Christmas gifts as well as cards and tags. Their prices will be so good you won't be able to resist them. So start preparing for Christmas now.

Just as a preview please take a peek of some of the items I will have available.

and...this is not the surprise I talked about earlier...No, that is still to come!!

Now, back to work!!


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Big Surprise Coming up!!!

I got a big surprise at works for this month of July. I will post later this week with the big news!!

In the meantime I am working on another page of Brooklyn. It's not ready yet but I will share with you the first part of it.

I have also made beautiful layouts that are listed on Ebay and coming up with some Scrapbook supplies to help you create your own pages!!

Lots of good stuff this month of July!!! Got to go back to work now. :)

Have a blessed week!!