Sunday, August 7, 2011

Another keepsake to remember a baby girl...

A few months back, I had another request for a memory box. As you might remember, I made this one for Little Phillip. The one I just finished is for Julia. Her Mom told me that she lost her precious baby and wanted to have a box to keep and treasure her sonograms and other keepsakes, until she meets her again in Heaven.

I will be posting more photos with more details this coming week and hopefully make a video for my Youtube channel soon.

Off to enjoy my Blessings, :)



Don and Shelly said...

It is very lovely, Tereza! I love the lettering and all that you put on it that makes it so vintage. Blessings!

Martica Designs said...

Great idea.....its gorgeous.

Cricket's Daughter said...

This is not only beautiful and uplifting, but such a wonderful gift for someone who has lost a part of themselves.