Thursday, July 21, 2011

Reading list of June 2011

I am late putting up this list... June was a monthful if that word existed! We moved to a new house, my parents arrived from Brazil, we had Summer Reading program at our local library, and we read lots and lots of books.

 DS5 is now reading independently and some of the books he read were:


DD8 read:

Shipwreck! A survive! Story by Jake Maddox


Other books that we read to all the children or the little ones:





For more of our Reading Lists and on books I use for our home education click HERE.

DD8 also read a few Magic Tree House books... but we quickly switched to the Boxcar children series instead. Junie B. Jones was also another series that she read a couple of books from and then we decided that they were not suitable for what we are trying to teach our children.


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