Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Peace Be Still!!

This morning I was blog hopping and found a blog where the lady was telling how her older parents sound like 3 year olds bickering.

It immediately hit home since I have been struggling with that with 3 little ones at home. I checked out a book recently at my library from Joyce Meyer. the name of the book is Conflict Free Life.

One of the first things she talks about in the book is the choice we need to make each day to live in Peace with ourselves and each other. I realized a lot of the struggles, conflicts, arguments, bickering, ungratefulness going around in my house began with ME. Yes, ME with capital letters.

Go figure, my children are imitating my attitudes. Where do they get that they can raise their voices, be ungrateful, bicker and so much more. From MOI!!! (that's ME in French!)

So I made a decision to stop the conflict!! Oh, Lord!! is that hard!! So now I know how it feels when I tell my 5 y.o. to stop a bad behavior!! It's not that easy, Mama. :)

I am doing my best...I am talking to Jesus all day, asking Him to give me Grace. I am shutting the enemy's voice every time he has some ugly thing to say about me, life or my children. Some of you artists out there call this voice your inner critic. What kind of critic is that that everything you make is never good enough?? :(

Anyway, just wanted to share before the thought left my head and life took over and I never made to the computer. :)

no links today, but if you want to find out about the book, just google it. it's really worth while reading. Lots of Biblical references...one for example, did you know that God wants you to keep Peace?? He wants you to AVOID fighting at all costs. I didn't know that. But then again, I am one that is always trying to see the fault in someone's life and finding something to criticize. Oh, Jesus, forgive me!! :(

Have a blessed peaceful day!!



Life At Camellia Cottage said...

Tereza, thank you so much for your comment, AND for your take on my parental dilemma! I wasn't blessed with children, but now I have two who are 78 y/o! I try to be thankful for every day I have left with them, but some days it's really hard!

I love your blog, and the way you just 'talk' and tell about what's going on in your life. God Bless You, Mama!

I also thought you might enjoy my other blog 'Hearth and Home'. It's more about me, my home life, and what's going on around here. My theme these days is being thankful more often and for more things. I'm finding that looking for things to be thankful for is changing me, my days, and more things to be thankful for are coming my way, and you are one of those today!

You can find a link to the other blog below.

Have a blessed day! Becky G.


Tereza Crump aka MyTreasuredCreations said...


Thank you for making me see MYSELF and my ugly attitudes! :) I am truly blessed to have my little ones in my life. I have checked both of your blogs and will be back for more. thanks for your kind words!! :)