Sunday, November 9, 2008

Children's original Art Work

I have a very precocious little girl. She is always in a hurry to grow up so she can do things like Mama does. She hates naps. I believe because she has so much on her mind, she does not want to waste time sleeping.

She is always painting, drawing, trying to sew, color, playing pretending, telling stories and other things. She is proud that she is only 5 years old but she can mop the kitchen floor. She helps Mama around the house and is a very good big sister. As any child she still has her melt downs. :(

Yesterday Bela drew some really cute little girls. Of course, I got them mixed up. I thought the one on the left was 10 years old and the one on the right was a 5 year old. But she told me it was the other way around.

I suggested we made cards out of them and sell them on Etsy. Every time I make a card, she wants to make one too and sell it. She was immediately sold on the idea. With her help, I digitally colorized her drawing and we mounted it on a pretty background.

Once we printed the cards' fronts we cut them out and added a gingham ribbon as an accent. We are selling the cards as a set of 2. Bela is very proud to be selling her first cards on her Mama's shop. Of course, she wants her own store. I told her that when her art takes off we will have to open a shop just for her. For now, you can find Bela's Art right here.

Enjoy. :)



Priscila said...

ah que coisa linda! Adorei a carta! nome dela eh Isabella? Queria chamar minha filha de isabella mas meu maridao so faz menino!!!

Marina said...

I love it !! she should make boy cards too whever I go buy a boy card there is not too many cute ones there all just girl stuff.

But I love it,