Saturday, April 14, 2012

Olha o COCO ai gente!!!

The title of my post reads in English: Watch out for the coconut, y'all!!!

DS6.5 had been asking about coconuts. He had seen them on TV shows of people in tropical places. He wanted to open one, drink the water and eat the meat of it.

So yesterday, I stopped by the grocery store and bought the last one for a whooping $3.48 plus taxes.

We broke into it this morning, they drank the water and marveled at God who created such a unique fruit that has water, good fats, lots of protein and is a drinking cup or bowl when you are done eating and drinking it.

I remembered I had some tapioca in the freezer. Tapioca is the starch of the yucca root and in Brazil it's made into a flour and then into a pancake. We spread butter on it and eat it, or soak it up in fresh made coconut milk. And that is exactly what I did!!!

It is soooo good!! This is the traditional way to prepare it. Some people fancy it up drizzling condensed milk or syrup over it. Some even use it like bread and make grilled cheese out of it.

Me? I like it soaked with fresh made coconut milk. The pancake gets a little soggy and becomes gooey. I love it!! It takes me back to my childhood at my Grandma's house. :)

What did you have for breakfast on this beautiful Saturday morning??


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Vicky said...

Ooh, that looks soooo scrumptious!

We get a bit boring with our breakfasts. Usually, it's just toast and good old Aussie Vegemite (have you heard of our Vegemite? The rest of the world hates it but we all love it!)

When we're feeling adventurous, we might have a banana, as well;-)

I'm thinking it might be time to get the cookbooks out.

Yummy post, Tereza:-)