Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Path of Unschooling

ok, so I am slave driving my family and I am trying to figure this out...

Here is an eye opening article on how children learn Math on their own.

I have my own stories to tell.,,

My DD4.5 is counting her fingers and adding and subtracting. During supper she teaches us how to manipulate numbers and find out the answers to her additions and subtractions. Even DD2 is counting her fingers because she sees her sister do it.

DS6.5 tells me his discoveries when I make him do a worksheet with 20 problems. He adds the tens first instead of the ones. Still he solves them all correctly in 10 minutes, although he still writes some of his numbers on reverse. Most of the time, he does mental math when solving story problems instead of writing the equation down.

DD9 fights me tooth and nail when I make her do Math but she is great at it, when I finally bribe her into actually doing it. Sometimes we fight for 3 hours and then she will finally do her work in 10 minutes!! it frustrates me so.

That happened here at home until 4 weeks ago, now I am done forcing Math down their throats. I am just going to let them learn by themselves and enjoy it!!

 Learning math school style is the way children learn (or don't learn!) a foreign language in school. It's memorization without needing something.

The above statement was another confirmation to this new route. You see, I learned 2 foreign languages without school. I can read, write and speak 2 foreign languages and I never went to school to learn them. I just lived life and learned them. And (gasp) both of them within 6 months!!! and at different times of my life. The first one I was 12 years old and the other when I was 27 years old. So yeah, I think one can learn anything they want, when they want it or need it!!!

So there! Perfect LOVE casts out FEAR!!!


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Chris said...

I'm so glad you've moved toward a natural way to approach math. It's so much more important for our kids to enjoy playing with numbers and not be afraid to use them, than to complete books and books of worksheets and take that math away from any real context.