Thursday, January 5, 2012

Reading list for January 2012 and the Orphan trains


The book above touched my heart. I found it at my local Public Library and it tells the fiction story of a little girl who travels in a train to be placed with a family. It's based on a real live story and you can find more stories at the National Orphan Train complex

Dandelions by Eve Bunting
the Legend of The Christmas Stocking by Rick Osborne
Jambi and the Lions by Jennifer Brady
The Fling - Hank the Cowdog #38 by John R. Erickson 
Slim's Good-bye - Hank the Cowdog # 34 by John R. Erickson
The Big Snow by Berta and Elmer Hader
God gave us You by Lisa Tawn Bergren

Martin's Big Words - The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr by Doreen Rappaport 
Siamese Cats by Lynn M. Stone
Maine Coon Cats by Lynn M. Stone
Ragdoll Cats by Lynn M. Stone
The Fossil Factory by Douglas Eldredge and more
Sue - the Story of the Colossal Fossil. the World's Most Complete T.Rex by Pat Relf

Money - DK Eyewitness Books
Monet - DK Eyewitness Books
Astronomy - DK Eyewitness Books
Space Exploration - DK Eyewitness Books
World War I - DK Eyewitness Books

Chili Cook Off by Dave and Pat Sargent and Family (on being responsible)
Goat Tying by Dave and Pat Sargent and Family (Don't give up)
Chicken House Duty by Dave and Pat Sargent and Family (Think before you speak)
Ballet Bullies by Jake Maddox
Horseback Hopes by Jake Maddox
Legend of the Lure by Jake Maddox
White Stallion of Lipizza by Marguerite Henry

DK Eye Know Bird
DK Watch me Grow Bear
DK Watch me Grow Frog
DK Eye Know Insect

The Golden Concise Encyclopedia of Mammals by David Lambert
The Emperor's Egg by Martin Jenkins

Quiet Bunny and Noisy Puppy by Lisa McCue
A Blue Butterfly - a story about Claude Monet by Bijou Le Tord
Billy and the Big New School by Catherine and Laurence Anholt
The Handmade Alphabet by Laura Rankin 
Little Croc's Purse by Lizzie Finlay

Chester's Way by Kevin Henkes

Mom's Eccletic Reading list:

Not afraid of life - my journey so far by Bristol Palin

More next month, blessings,

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