Saturday, January 28, 2012

Look what I found!!

Here is a great talk on microbes!! Bacteria, virus and more from an expert who is a Christian and has a Biblical view of Creation!! cool, huh?? and for FREE!! So if you have middle aged children or high schoolers or just curious homeschoolers show them this video.

And at my local library I found this book: The Adventures of Micki Microbe. I haven't read it yet to the children, but it looks very interesting!!

Would you like to find out how to homeschool for FREE or keep your children learning? Then check out the list of blogs and websites that I posted on the top right side of my blog. All these links have so much information and fun learning games, worksheets, videos and more for FREE!!

Besides my local library, the internet is my other resource that I use to teach my children daily. Why limit yourself to boring textbooks while you can learn so much through videos, books and daily interaction with your children?


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Chris said...

I agree! There are so many great free resources out there now to take advantage of. The Micky Microbe book looks really fun! I'm going to reserve it at my library right now :)