Friday, September 9, 2011

A musical day in my homeschooling household.

Today was a good day, you know, the kind where there was no screaming or fighting. We did devotions and I felt the children actually learned something because they were interested and asking questions. We did some school without grumbling or complaining. I managed to clean a bathroom and vacuum the whole house. Laundry was also folded and put away and I even managed to wash a load too.

I think I could definitely have some happy tune playing in the background. :)

So after lunch, my two oldest practiced their typing on the computer on the BBC website. As I was browsing the site with my DD4 to find her something, we found this quick lesson on instruments and orchestra disguised as a mystery game. DD8 and DD4 worked through the lessons together and had a great time. I learned some new things and felt like a "super homeschooling Mom".

Ha!! Today was definitely a good day and to make it even better, it's Friday. :) Thank you Lord for blessing us!!

PS Have you checked out my Etsy store lately? I got some pretty cards for sale. :) What are you up to this weekend?



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Sandy said...

OK I am very envious. I need one of those days. Today was definitely not one of them. You were doubly blessed to be able to school at home AND enjoy it.