Thursday, June 9, 2011

One proud Momma....

Sometimes readers can be pretty boring and the stories pretty lame. DS5 is reading and he went a completely different route than DD8 when she was reading at his level. For one, there is no fight, no struggles. I don't have to force it. We began phonics because he requested it. So last December, we began Kindergarten Phonics... every other day we would do a page or two, or as many as he wanted. Sometimes we went days without doing any phonics, and then we would pick it up again. He is now almost finishing First Grade phonics and instead of readers he is reading Mo Williams. Again his own choice.

As you know we go to the library every other week, and we check out about 30 books at a time. They just so happen to have some new books with Gerald and The Pig and DS5 picked them up at home and began reading them. Because they are written with dialog balloons like comic books he asked me to read them with him. So the first time I was Piggie and he was Elephant. The second time we reversed roles.

The next morning I woke up and heard voices in the living room and thought he was talking and playing with DD3 but no, he was reading his Mo Williems books again by himself. Everybody else was sleeping.

So today we are going to go back to the library and get some more Piggie and Elephant books and maybe even the Pigeon book.

Living and learning. Each child is so different and unschooling has really helped me see that we are NOT all fishes and we shouldn't be swimming in schools. HA!!!



Bria said...
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Word Warrior said...

Are you the Tereza that ordered an ebook from Generation Cedar? Please forgive me if you are not. I can't reach her about a problem with her order and this was a last ditch effort ;

Amber@Nater Tot said...

Hi Tereza! I found your blog through a comment you left on a baby sign language website. I noticed your question about signing MILK wasn't answered there so I left a comment for you. But then I realized you might not ever see it, so I thought I would stop over and tell you how I handled the different kinds of milk issue. This is what I said:
I used baby sign language with my son (now almost 2) and breastfed until 22 months. I’m a huge fan of both nursing and baby sign. The great thing about teaching sign language to a hearing child is that you can modify a sign verbally to give it more context. For example, you can use the traditional sign for MILK (squeezing your hand) to mean both milk from the breast and milk from a cup. But when you speak the word at the same time you can add context and say “Mommy’s milk” or “Yummy milk” or “Milk from a cup.” Hope this helps! Good luck!

By the way, I LOVE Mo Willems. My 2 year old loves the Knuffle Bunny books :)