Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Learning about ART

 *** lots of links, lots of information ----->>>>> proceed with caution!!! ******

 I am a very curious person and always eager to learn new stuff. I love to browse on Youtube and watch Orchestras playing or artists sharing painting or drawing techniques. So I recently began sharing those with my children.

I also subscribe to The Crafty Classroom.  I found Valerie in one of my many surfs through the web. She was using Van Gogh (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists) to teach her children about the artist and she did some cool projects with it. I had to jump in and play too.

 Here is my DD8 artwork. Instead of the pastels used in Valerie's tutorial, we used crayons. You can still see the details of Van Gogh's artwork because of the glue behind the crayons. click on the image to see the details and make sure to check Valerie's link.

I am always for using what I have in hands instead of running to the store and buying new supplies. I got my house overflowing with stuff. How about you?

So anyway, I requested the book at my library. They didn't have it so they borrowed it from another library. yes, they can do that! Check out in your library and see if they have this service available. It's free to you.
After working with Van Gogh we borrowed the DaVinci book. I had been researching a craft about Resurrection Sunday that did not involve eggs or bunnies but Biblical icons instead.  I was glad when I received Barbara Curtis' monthly newsletter and she had some very helpful links in there. 

 One of the links lead to a website that taught how to make the scene painted by DaVinci of the Last Supper. How appropriate and I had the book!! As soon as my DD8 saw the craft supplies she exclaimed "oh, we are going to do the Last supper! I saw that painting from that book that I just read!"

Here is our Last Supper craft using egg cartons and print out coloring pages. All of my children participated in making the scene: some coloring, others cutting the figurines, another checking the original painting to see where each disciple went. We also heard the account on audio CD. Click on the image to enlarge it and see the details.

Here is a close up of the craft. You can see the details of the actual supper on the table and the egg cartons behind the paper figurines.

 I have also purchased the book on the left. I am planning to begin using it with my children. As you might remember my children love to draw! Don't all children love to draw? LOL

I am learning to relax with my children. Messes still make me squirmish but I am learning to go with the flow. :) I hope you will take the time to play and do some art today. :)


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Nancy said...

What fun art "classes"! Nice work. The Last Supper is really well done. Egg cartons you say? Interesting.