Thursday, April 8, 2010

Beware of the Bengal Tiger!

Did you know I homeschool? Yes, I get to spend all day with my 4 blessings.

We are trying some new classes this Spring. We are doing Science and Art together at home. So this past Tuesday we studied about the Bengal Tiger. As part of the study everyone gets to draw the animal we are studying and the ones that know how to write will write down characteristics of the animal and other information they want to remember.

Here is my 7 year old's take on the Bengal Tiger. I thought she was very creative and unique at how she saw the tiger.

here's my 4 year old's drawing. The animal is definitely fierce. Don't you think?

here's mine. I tried to duplicate what I saw on the book. So not original! :( My 2 year old helped me color it though. :)

Now if you would like to try your creativity without leaving home with what you got at home you need to head to my other blog for Thrifty Thursday.

Love to hear your comments.

Be blessed,


Toni said...

Tereza, What great art work, Such great artist!!!
Thank you so much for helping me with the link to my shop, YOU ARE SO SWEET!!!
I'm not very good at this computer stuff, but I am getting better.
Anyhoo thanks again & I just luv your work.

Graciete said...

I love all the drawing. You are a such good mommy. Love you.

Vanessa said...

The tigers are great! Now, I'm wondering when you have time to make all of your beautiful creations! It's been a treat looking at all of your projects!