Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My children are riding the School Bus...

without going to school!!! yeah... :)

Have you heard of the Magic School Bus? It was a show that ran many years ago. They are currently replaying some of the episodes on Saturday on TV. (don't ask me about in which channel 'cause I don't know.) There are also the books and the videos are available in VHS and DVD.

I don't know where I heard of the Magic School Bus but I found THIS LINK where you can watch their videos for FREE. I also found many of their books in my library. My children, raging from 8 y.o. to 3 y.o. love to watch the shows on the internet and read the books. My DH, the Wyzard, connects the computer to our TV and screens the shows for them anytime they want.

They are learning about the Human Body, the Senses, how volcanoes work, the Earth, how our water is treated, water cycle, food chain, insects, molecules, computers, physics laws and so much more. You can find some games, coloring pages and pop quizzes on the Magic School Bus right on this LINK from Scholastic.

I am so glad I found the Magic School Bus. The shows are clean, exciting and hold the children's attention as they learn about science. So cool! Thank you Joanna Cole for coming up with this amazing concept. :)

Although, most of her views are from an evolution side, the books and the videos give us an opportunity to discuss the difference between creationism and evolution. My children are taught both and they pretty much think that evolution is fantasy or made up stuff. Anyway... 

How about you? What kind of FREE and wholesome content have you found on the internet to help with your children's education?

PS...  I will be posting a list of Books that we read each month. The idea is to share with you what we use to complement our homeschooling and I hope you share your book list too and link to your blog... how about we do that every first Friday of the month? You can share a list of the books you read with or to your children during the month before. I would love to see you this coming Friday. :)


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