Sunday, October 3, 2010

OperationWriteHome Birthday Bash

Fall is here!

All September long it was Birthday Bash celebration at OperationWriteHome. I wrote in and set a goal of 500 cards to send in, BUT I didn't meet my goal. I was able to create 110 cards only.

I have been so busy with our children. They are taking music lessons once a week. DD7 is learning piano and DS5 is learning the drums. Well, that was the initial plan but they are actually learning more. DS5 is also learning the bangos and DD7 is also playing the drums. About a month ago, God led me to a music shop in town and I was able to purchase an used working keyboard for $5.00!!! And last week, we purchased an electronic drum set for $200.00!!! So I guess we are preparing to become a worship band!! hahahaha Who knows!!???

Anyway, busy with that. Also I found a homeschool co-op that meets every other week and our social life has picked up a bit. :) My craft life has become second in my priorities. I have a lot of inventory in stock and I am cleaning up my studio. I have come up with a little marketing strategy to increase my sales in my Etsy shop and clean up the many treasures I have in stock.

Here are some of the cards I sent to OperationWriteHome last week. And if you don't know about them yet and you like to make cards you should check them out. :)

I made many more that I will share later on. Have a blessed week and thanks for stopping by,


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