Saturday, October 23, 2010

Navy and Hot pink Bridal Cards

I finished my custom order... here are the cards...

My customer said she trusted me and loved my style. So I could make anything I liked but she rather have a different card for each of her friends. The only demand was to stay in the navy and hot pink color scheme. Each card has a personalized poem on the inside, also with a colorful background and embellishment. So I went all out... This is my favorite one...

Which one did you like best?

And here is why I make these...

"Hey Tereza,

I got the paypal email that the second package had shipped so I assume you finished them!?!?! I am so excited to give them out! I am giving Sam's card to her tonight and I can't wait to see her reaction!! Thanks again SO much and I will tell everyone I know how beautiful your work is!! I may have you personally design my thank you cards when it comes down to that in a about a year.  Thanks!  A."

I am a happy camper. :)


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AnaIsa said...

So beautiful! Love them all:-)
Bikas album almost ready!!!!!
Big hug,