Friday, October 29, 2010

The Jeub Family give away.

hi everyone,

we are getting ready for the weekend and some awesome plans for next week. How about you?

While blog hopping this morning, I found out that the Jeub Family is giving away a very interesting book. Like the Jeub, we are a homeschooling family and I want to help my children to be able to articulate their thoughts in written form and speech. I think this book will be an awesome introduction to this.

If you are curious of what a big family looks like and why would people in this time and age have more than 2 children you should certainly check out this site.

I have made some dietary and health changes in our lifestyles at home and I want to share those with you. I have lost 20 pounds in a little over 5 weeks. So be looking out for a future post on that.

Have a blessed weekend,


PS the little bunny ballerina at the top of this post was me when I was around 7 years old. :)


Chris Jeub said...

Thanks for spreading the word, Tereza. Hope your followers get a free book. The orders are stacking up fast!

The adventure continues... said...

Hi ~ I saw your comment when I left one at the Jeub website. I just wanted to pass on this company that lets you partner with them (so you are an independent representative) to market services that everyone uses even in this economy. My husband and I have been extremely blessed and are on track to bring him home. Have your hubby take a look. It is a super simple business and you can build your business as slow or as fast as you want. Watch the videos on my husbands website for more information. Let me know if you have any questions.