Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas to our Heroes!!

Have you seen the movie above?? It will bring joy to your heart. :)

As some of you may know I have made and sent some cards to our fellow heroes abroad. You can see some of the cards I have made in the past HERE, HERE and HERE. I haven't sent any in since I became pregnant, but I have been collecting cards that I plan to send in after Christmas. They can use cards all year long. Any theme, any type, any holiday, just because cards. Take a look at their website and blog (links below) for more information on the cards you can make.

Operation Write Home is an awesome organization that sends the cards to our heroes and they get to send some love to their loved ones here back home for free.

If you would like to help you can make cards too or donate money that goes into paying for shipping costs. Just click HERE to find out more!

Merry Christmas everybody!!



Operation Write Home said...

Hi Tereza!! Thanks for sharing our heroes' video!

The blog banners are all on our Flickr account - http://s1010.photobucket.com/albums/af228/OperationWriteHome/ - you can snag the html codes you need from there :) Merry Christmas!!!

Miss Rhea said...

Merry Christmas !!! :):):)

Kris said...

Hi Tereza! It was great to hear from you :) Happy New Year to you, too! We're doing great here, she's kicking like crazy (mostly at night so I think she will be a night owl!) and it won't be too long before she's here! Thanks for thinking of me and I hope all is well with you too!