Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cards for the Wounded Heroes.

Today we had a lunch at church to celebrate the retirement of our secretary. She has been working at the church for 18 years, now she is retired. Which actually means she won't be receiving a salary, but I bet she will still be working for us. :)

Anyway, I took all the cards that my daughter and I made for the heroes serving this country to the lunch and asked people to sign them. We had a great turn around.

Here are the photos.

I don't know how many there are. I haven't counted them yet.

The designs are pretty simple. I have bought some stamps at Agape Gifts and used them on the cards. Agape Gifts has beautiful stamps that are Patriotic, Religious, funny and Christian themes too. Sandy will also give you a discount if you are buying stamps to use on your cards that you are sending to Cards for Heroes.

These are going to the soldiers that are injured in the battlefield and the medical staff that takes care of them.

Here are my daughter's cards. She used her collage scrapbook pages. WE scanned them in and then printed them out and glued on the front of the cards. There is one she used one of her photos from her first fishing trip and made a collage card.


the cool thing about these cards are:

1) you don't need to send envelopes;
2) they can be simple. Use your scrap papers. You can see some of the techniques I used on these cards HERE. The cards are going inside the care packages sent to these wounded heroes and medic personnel by Operation Quiet Comfort.
3) It's a great way to show them that we know they are still out there, that we appreciate them, that their efforts are not in vain.

So I challenge you today to go make some cards with a purpose. :)

Check out the links on this post for more information and to read what heroes and their families are saying.

Have a beautiful blessed Sunday!!



Sandy said...

WOW Tereza, when you said you were making lots of cards, you meant it!! Terrific!!!!!

Diane S said...


On behalf of Operation:Quiet Comfort: thank you and your daughter so much for the wonderful cards and the blog mention!

Diane S
Card Coordinator/Operation Quiet Comfort

Pipi said...

Hi Tereza
Great idea. I am pretty sure they will appreciate all those cards. They are gorgeous.