Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hi, my name is Tereza and I am a Paperholic.

That's how the meeting of paperholics would begin in any Local Scrapbook Store. LOL

Are you a Paperholic?? I am!! I love paper, textures, patterns. Bright paper, flowery, distressed (or stressed like Mom says!), textured paper, glittered paper...there are certain brands and collections that I could buy all of them and just look at them. Yes, that's right! I have the Hardest time using my Paper. IF only, I would use them. :(

About a year and a half ago I bought huge LOTS of paper and scrapbook lots on Ebay. Oh, Lord!! :) Those were beautiful mornings when I would greet my mail man or the UPS guy with a huge smile as I grabbed and hugged my packages.

Then, my dining room became my Scraproom but there was clutter everywhere and I couldn't function. So I began decluttering. I sold many lots on Ebay... But still the papers grew. In a month or so I will be selling another one.

I had bought one of those metal shelves...there are like 20 selves and they are constructed on top of wheels, so supposedly you should be able to wheel them to where you needed your paper to be. Well, that thing tumbled over and fell apart twice!!

My husband's comments: "There are too many papers on that thing. It won't hold that many. Get rid of some of that." A couple of days later: " you're buying more paper? But what about that thing full of papers over there?"

So I made a decision: not to buy any more paper. It's been so very hard. As a browse the auctions of brand new papers on Ebay, the new designs on the manufacturers' websites, the layouts with the new released hard. So hard to keep from buying. But my resolve stands!!! I am not buying any more paper until I have used 75% of what I got. :(

So here is my plan:

1) Make more layouts
2) Use my 12x12 papers to make 6x6" cards. Click HERE to see the cards I have already made.
3) Put my beautiful paper to work and cover all those word albums that I have that are collection dust.
4) Make more cards and layouts.
5) Sell what I can part with. Yes, not what I won't use, what I can PART with. This is a really difficult thing to do. If you are a Paperholic you understand. LOL
6) Re-vamp the paper I got....AH!!! now that is very doable, specially for a creative soul like mine that loves to try new things.

So this is what I did... Here is the original paper...(will someone name that collection and year, please?)

Now this is thick paper, double sided and gorgeous colors. How can I get rid of it?? No, no!! So I cut out the flowers, doodled on them and used them on a 8x8 layout.

Here is a close up of the re-vamped flowers...

Now, if only I could do the same with Stamps. :( I just bought 5 new stamps. Can't wait to smile to my mail man and hug my Priority box. :)

Have a beautiful day :)



Kris said...

Love what you did with those flowers!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tereza, thanks so much for visiting my blog and thanks for your sweet comments and I also be honoured that you mentioned me on your blog. I will link you.
xoxo Cecilia

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Too funny!

m ^..^

Miss Rhea said...

lol, I am cracking up. I have the same problem only it isn't limited to just paper. lol !! It spread to crepe paper and glitter and fabric and beads and , Oh My !! lol !! And no matter how I plan my online shopping, it always gets delivered on my hubbys day off. It is like Him and the mailman are in cahoots !! lol !! I just added you to my blog list too. :)

Fabulous Finds Studio said...

I saw your comment on AVP so I thought I would stop by and say "hi"!
I'm a paperholic, too. I have so much I can't use it all but I think I am going to sell some of it on Etsy soon. I'm am such a hoarder and I have some paper that I love so much I can't bring myself to use it because I can't get some of it anymore...crazy!
I love how you cut the flowers out of the paper...fabulous idea :-)
Have a fabulous weekend!

Zoe said...

Hello my name is Zoe and I am a paper-holic I will admit it and I am doing my best to cope with it! Although with all the new CHA releases it's almost impossible! I told myself I am allowed to spend $100 on October 1st!

The Scrapbooking Factory said...

Hey Tereza! Hope all is well with you I have added you to my blog! Nice to find you here! I love your flowers! miss ya! Jane

Sandy said...

I am a TOTAL paperholic! I think all my cards have pp on them nowadays. I used to do a lot of naked stamping but lately that feels too naked, it needs patterned paper to make it 'sing'!!!! lol