Friday, September 19, 2008

Bridesmaids' Cards and Bridal Tea Shower Thank you Cards

I am sorry I haven't posted for over a week. I have been so busy. The windows of Heaven opened up here and I have a ton of custom orders. Of course, that is a good thing, but my blog was left abandoned for almost a week.

That album I said I was working on also got put on hold. So before I go back to finishing my Bridesmaids cards I wanted to share one more tip with my fellow scrapbookers.

As always I am trying to create something instead of buying it. So I wanted to use felt on my album in an unique way. So I decided to stamp it and cut it out. But not just the circle, or flower. No, a flourish. Take a look at the photos:

Doesn't that look great?

On the photos I wasn't able to capture the stamped image, but the ink can be seen on the black felt. It looked really nice on the album. and yes, that red flower is the one I painted. Look HERE to see how to create flowers in colors you don't have!!

I will share the album next week, so please sign up for my newsletter on the right side to be notified when I post.

Also if you need some Bridesmaids' Invitations, Maid or Matron of Honor cards, Wedding gift tags, favors, place cards, be sure to email me too (check the right side bar for a clickable link) ...I am having such a great time creating these pretties for excited Brides to be. :)

have a blessed weekend!!!



Miss Rhea said...

Yes, that does look great !! You are so talented !! :)

Kris said...

What a great idea! Those flourishes look awesome!

Ying Pang, said...

this is beautiful and stunning!! to answer your question in my blog, I also don't know why we have those post when we taken our wedding photo...this was what the photographer told us to make the pose....maybe the photographer in Malaysia like those pose...hehe....

I love your blog and your header and I know you love vintage stuff, don't you ? me also. May I know who make your blog header and could you mind to let me know why did you buy your vintage supplies ?? thank you very much.

Priscila said...

oh those are amazing! Loving them! Great job

Priscila said...

Eita! Brasileira! Ai gostei! Como sabia? haha!
Adoro seu blog acho voce muito criativo! Legal que eh brasileira tambem!


The Scrapbooking Factory said...

Hey Tereza, love it! The felt looks really great....I have never thought of that before! I cant wait to see your album, so hurry up and finish it!