Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Beautiful Fall!!

I love that my children are not in school. Days like today come to confirm our decision to homeschool. It was a perfect day outside and the children and I spent about 2 hours picking acorns, riding bikes, taking pictures, riding our skateboard down our drive away and just laughing and enjoying each other. This day made me think of my school days locked up inside a classroom wishing to be outside enjoying the sunshine that I could see stream in through the very high windows. Have you ever noticed that they are put way up high? Light can still come in but you can't look out because they are out of reach. It's sad to be stuck between 4 walls.

Here are some snapshots of our fun day. Now that we own almost 4 acres of land we are having so much fun enjoying nature around us.

Leaves are beginning to change.

One of my favorites shots is to capture all my children TOGETHER.

Never ate acorn. Have you? Will let you know how they taste. :)

Enjoy life!

What have you been up this beautiful October??



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Ginger said...

Totally agree! We are in "half-time" right now, meaning we do half the school work, so we can enjoy the weather. It's been fabulous!