Saturday, October 29, 2011

Beautiful Fall episode 2

I am amazed at the things I see around me. At our new house we have plenty of trees that change colors in the Fall. I took so many pictures and the above is one of them. My favorite color is yellow and mix it with browns, reds and green. Oh, what a picture!!!

Remember where I shared about the acorns that have covered our drive way and how we picked and were going to use them? Well, they didn't turn out that good. I am a nut fanatic. I am from Brazil and there we eat Brazil nuts, cashews and gigantic pine nuts. I have picked these, cracked them and used them in breads and cookies and more. We roast our nuts too and eat them like Americans eat potato chips.

But, back to the acorns... I processed them but the tannin flavor was just too strong. I didn't find it palatable at all. So, yeah, didn't make anything with them, threw that batch away and left the rest on the ground for the deers and squirrels. :)

I have been making cookies though... using Chia Seeds and coconut oil... I will share more of those later with recipes...

I just did a search on YouTube about the Acorns (I feel like a failure that my acorn project didn't work out specially since I have so many of them in my own front yard.) and you know what I think I will try this again. I will keep you posted with pictures this time.

HERE is an amazing post about being THANKFUL!!


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Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful fall to be thankful for, for sure! Our fall lasted 2 and a half weeks up here in Alaska;) Thanks for stopping by my blog. It is nice to meet you.