Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I am DROWNING in so much paper!!!

I am purging again. About 2 months ago I listed a couple of huge Scrapbook lots on Ebay. A couple of weeks ago I listed a few Scrapbook magazines and book lots. Now I am again purging: a Huge Scrapbook lot with papers and stickers, books, storage items and more. Another lot with Jolees sticker and DIE cut stickers and other what nots.

Now, you got to understand I don't have a biz license. I don't resell scrapbook items or anything like that. Everything I am reselling is just Stuff I thought I desperately needed!! Ugh!!

So help a sister out... check out my auctions and pass the link on to your friends that need some of this stuff.

Thanks so much. For a preview of what I will be listing, check the photos below... :)

Here is another photo of more stuff...

more stuff...

Just type MTC in your search box and select CRAFT category and you will find me on Ebay!!

Have a blessed day!!


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