Thursday, June 26, 2008

Custom Pages!!

I am working on some custom pages for my husband's niece and I wanted to share with you how precious this baby girl is!!!

I love to scrapbook and capture the beauty and preciousness of children and babies. I strive to make the photos the center of a layout. I want the papers and embellishments to draw the eyes to the photos been scrapped not the "stuff" on the page.

I also love clean and artistic lines in a layout. Don't like it to be too cutesy and full of critters!! :) I like my photos to tell the story. Leave the critters for the story books!! LOL

Have a blessed day!!



Scrapmymemories said...

Hey hunny love your doodles! I am officially on a critter strike! lol

Kristine said...

"Leave the critters for the story books!!"

LOL I agree!!! Sometimes I wonder where the photos are supposed to go on those heavily critter embellished pages!