Sunday, August 24, 2014

God's Wink

This morning, as we had breakfast, getting ready for church, we experienced one of God's winks.

My oldest daughter opened the curtain of the big window located in our breakfast nook. This is the place where we have all our meals. It looks out to the front of our property, about 5 acres of land, about 3 miles from downtown. It's surrounded by thin strips of woods so we have many forest and wild visitors. But we had never seen one at daylight.

"Look, there is a deer!" my son squealed. Most of us didn't really believe him but we looked out anyway. And there it was.

 It just stood there. It stood long enough that I could do a short video and focus and take more pictures.

As it moved out of our sight, we went to the garage and stood outside. It again looked at at us and I took more photos. And then it left.

Isn't it beautiful?

We had only seen one of these driving along the country roads at dusk. Or on the front yard, at night.

But here it stood at daylight. At 9:30 am for us all to admire it! God's wonder! Amazing!

What wonders have you seen lately?



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