Monday, April 21, 2014

Operation Write Home CArds and why I make cards for them.

I think it was 2010 when I began sending Operation WRite HOme cards. I made lots of Christmas cards on my first load. That little red card peeking behind the other cards the deployed hero is holding on the OWH button was one of them. :)

But here is what keeps me making these cards. Most years I am able to send a couple of boxes full of them. But the time I spend in the "tower" (as I call my scraproom) is a time of meditation, prayer and recharging my energy. It's a ministry and service that only in Heaven will I know how fruitful they were.

Sandy from Operation WRite Home is now unboxing cards and sharing them with us the cards of many contributors from all around the country. I was so inspired I decided to share my cards the same way. So my box is full, my cards are packaged, my packing slip is filled out and I am taking this box to the post office to ship. Enjoy the video below where I share my latest shipment of cards to OWH!

Do you make cards too? Would you like to join us and show our heroes some love by sending them some of your handmade cards?



Nancy said...

These are wonderful! Thanks for sharing. I have made some cards for OWH. Yours are impressive and you've been so organized. Well done.

Nancy said...

PS: LOVE the stitching on some of the cards!