Friday, December 13, 2013

Learning Log of November 2013

 November was a stressful month. Basically I chose to believe the lies of the enemy and fear entered my heart. So shortly after that I fell sick. I think I had strep throat. I really don't know because I didn't go to the doctor. But the red throat with white streaks was there as well as the pain and the fever. I prayed, took Holy Communion, colloidal silver, gargled with salt water and trusted God to heal my throat. Five days later I resurfaced. I hadn't been this weak since the birth of DD6. 

So learn from me, guard your heart, do not let it be troubled. Your heart is the door way to your soul and body. Guard it, keep it steadfast on Jesus and you should navigate life with less stress, fear and sickness.

 Read Aloud 

* Bible at meal times - As needed I change our Bible reading around. This month, I am reading the Bible to them at lunch time. It helps me to eat less and we enjoy reading the Word of God and feeding on Jesus.
* The Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls - we finally finished this book. At first the kids thought it was boring, then they got excited about the next chapters as the family had different chores, jobs and events with each season of the year. If you are looking for a book to read to the children with strong work ethics and morals, this one is it!

* Just a Minute! by Teddy Slater

* Violet and Winston by Sonya Sones and Bennett Tramer 

* Ballet Sisters - The Duckling and the Swan by Jan ORmerod
* Olivia Acts Out 
* Island Boy by Barbara Cooney 
* Benjamin's Treasure by Garth Williams
* Kirby Kelvin and the Not - Laughing Lessons by Ivon Cecil
* Three Hens and a Peacock by Lester L. Laminack
* The Christmas Cat by Maryann MacDonald
* Gobble Gobble Crash - a Barnyard Counting Bash by Julie Stiegermeyer
* Pete the Cat and His Magic Sunglasses by Kimberly and James Dean
* The Christmas Tale of Peter Rabbit by Emma Thompson based on the original tales of Beatrix Potter
* Dinosaur Christmas by Jerry Pallotta
* Tallulah's Nutcracker by Marilyn Singer 
* Dear Santasaurus by STacy McAnulty
* Sofia the First - Holiday in Enchancia by Catherine Hapka
* The Message of the Birds by Kate Westerlund
* When Christmas feels like Home by Gretchen Griffith 

Audio Books

* My kids, one time or another have the files below in their mp5s to which they listen to every night at their choosing: Fairy tales and classic stories , worship music, Story Hour files, The Piano Guys, Jonathan Park and The Brinkman Adventures, The Chronicles of Narnia.

* Rush Revere and the Mayflower - by Rush Limbaugh

DS8 independent reading list:  

*How to Train a Dragon - book 5
* Stickman Odyssey -  book 2 - The Wrath of Zozimos by Christopher Ford

* The Wright Brothers by Quentin Reynolds - At times, I didn't think DS8 was ever going to finish this book. He actually enjoyed the book and wanted to finish it. He has a completely different style of reading than DD10's or mine. He savors each chapter with no hurry to see the end of it at all. He does this with all books he handles. Sometimes, he will just read a few chapters, parts or pieces he finds interesting. He sees no need to hurry or finish a book completely if he doesn't want to.

* Heidi by Johanna Spyri - DS8 read this as part of Easy Peasy 3rd grade curriculum. Some days he listened to the audiobook, some days he read a chapter. He actually watched the movie last year, but he told me he preferred the book because it had more details. 

DD10 independent reading list

* The Underneath by Kathi Appelt
* Guardians of Ga'Hoole - Book 15 - The War of the Ember by Kathryn Lasky (finally the last book of the series!)
* Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie - Great Illustrated Classics
* Time Cat by Lloyd Alexander   - I think one of DD10's favorite books are those written where animals are the main protagonists of the story. She has read so many of them. This one is about a cat who travels through time and takes his owner, a 10 y.o. boy, with him. 
* Ragweed by Avi
* How to Steal a Dragon's Sword - How to Train a Dragon series - Book 09

** Take one or two or three (i.e. reading these yet again!)

 Read to her sisters:
*The Library by SArah Stewart
* Pete the Cat - The Wheels on the Bus - based on the creation of James Dean
* Fluffy and Baron by Laura Rankin
* Lucy and the Bully by Claire Alexander
* Waltz of the Scarecrows by Constance W. McGeorge and Mary Whyte

Activities at Home

* We made play dough from flour and salt at home. I used this video for the recipe. You do have to add a few more TBS of water as you knead the dough. DD6 asked me "Mom, can we make some play dough?" I guess she really enjoyed it last fall/ winter when we made some and they created lots of artwork inside and outside.

* We painted and prepared 4 Christmas Boxes to send off to Operation Christmas Child.

* When the weather permitted we were outside riding bikes, playing with the chickens, raking leaves and just enjoying the sunshine.

* Couple of playdates with friends who came over.

* Lots of dancing. What else to do when it's cold outside???

* We killed 2 of our roosters and ate them within 2 weeks. A very interesting experience. The kids got to highlight the experience during our co-op in December and compare a homegrown chicken and a store bought one. It was the perfect thing to see how muscle and bone develops in a healthy animal.

* Lots of raking and burning leaves. It's that time of the year again. We got almost 3 acres covered in leaves. So much fun to rake them all by hand. :)

 Field Trips/ Activities Outside Home

* Karate - this was our last month of karate for now. We don't know when we will return.

* Our monthly Co-op - these month we covered the Human Body Muscular System. After the kids' presentation we got to do the 7 minute workout routine. It was great fun!

* 4H class for homeschoolers hosted at our Public LIbrary - we launched straw rockets and voted for the offices of President, Vice-President, Reporter, Secretary and Recreational leader.

* Thanksgiving dinner at our church. It was so much fun. I got to cook and discovered this awesome Chocolate Cake Recipe. DD10 sold some cards and we got help signing some AnyHero Mail.

 Websites/ Links we found and used/ Apps

* Easy Peasy for school for DD10 and DS8.  Some websites we found on this site are just fantastic like:

* School of Dragons - this site is very interactive but I don't allow my kids to chat.

* Dragon Wild Skies - on CN website. The kids are more excited about this dragon game. You can do so much without having to chat. :) Woohoo! Victory!! (Please watch out for the other cartoons advertised and ads. I do not like many of the cartoons on CN and the kids just keep away.)

* FunBrain - the kids discovered PopTropica - another interactive game.

* - DD6 and DD3 found some new shows like Daniel Tiger's neighborhood and Peg + Cat.

TV shows/ Videos/ Movies/ YouTube

* The Secret World of Arrietty - again!
* The Jungle Book - again!

* Episodes of How To Train a Dragon, Tinker Bell, Princess Sofia, Ninjako, Doctor MacStuffin, Olivia

* I showed the bigger kids a couple of videos on the WWI: one about life in the trenches and another on shell shock. Please beware images can be gruesome.



Jess Benoit said...

Wow! Your school makes me feel like we don't do anything! lol ;)

Teresa Kline said...

great homeschooling ideas....I used to luv making homemade play-dough...what fun!

Happy and blessed New Year to you and your family!

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