Friday, March 8, 2013

Give Away Friday: Teach Them to Your Children

The book you could win!

It's Friday. This week was a hard one... we had some tantrums and hot tempers were flaring around our house... I don't know about you, but in my house that means that THAT time of the month is just around the corner. It's chocolate time.

I learned the hard way to just relax (even more) when school doesn't flow as easily and I am very on the edge. Why stress myself and anger my children?

Although, it's not easy for me to relax (I am a type A personality!) I do it for my sake and let the kids learn using media like computer, movies, TV, the android, computers, movies...

Anyway, the reason for this post... I began Spring Cleaning already. Anyone else??

I love books. I read a lot. Although I like to have books at my fingertips, I don't like to collect them. I love to see books lined up on book shelves but not in my house. The sight gives me the jitters. I hate stuff! I really do. I don't know where that came from but I don't like to have lots of anything. I love to go to the library, but don't want my house to be one.

The other day I was talking to another Mom about decluttering and she was telling me that she had to be merciless to do it. I told her that I thought I was doing pretty good but I still felt I had too much stuff. Just as an example, my walk in closet contains all my family's clothes... Mine, my husband's and all my children's clothing. I have 4 children. But every time, I go in there, I feel claustrophobic. No, it's not messy or disorganized. But all the shelves are lined with clothes, towels, boxes and things. There is not one little EMPTY space. At all.

A sneak peek of the inside.

So going back to the books... I am getting rid of my books. If you homeschool and are looking for some Sally Clarkson books, or the Maxwells, or parenting books... be sure to check my FOR SALE page. Right now I have some stamps there for sale and on my Etsy shop I have magazines and craft books for sale too. I will be listing my books on my FOR SALE page soon. So be sure to check back. Most of my books are like NEW... read a few times and in great condition, ready to go to another family.

So today I am doing a GIVE AWAY (the first of many!)... The book Teach Them To Tour Children - An Alphabet of Biblical Poems, Verses and Stories by Sarah Wean is a great tool for devotions and verse memorization. It's a hardcover book with a dust jacket. I would love for you to have it. We read it together for our devotions this past couple of months and I am ready to let it go.

Would you like to win it??

So just leave me a comment saying you like to win and if you read my blog at all (you already are a subscriber) then what you like about it the most. If you like to share, then go ahead and do it, and just let me know what you did: Facebook, twitter... etc... You get a chance for each comment you leave telling me how you shared.

If this is your first time here, be sure to subscribe to get a second chance to win the book. Let me know in the comments that you did that.

The winner will be announced next Friday when I will list the next give Away. :)



misty said...

well I love to collect books, I enjoy always having the right book to share with a friend. I would be absolutely delighted to win. :) Thank you for sharing.

Kirsten @ homeschool discoveries said...

Just stopping by your blog for the first time from Collage Friday! Looks like a great book, I would love to win it!

Vicky said...

Hi Tereza,

I'm too far away to win the book but I thought I'd say hello, anyway!

I'm a big de-clutterer, too. Every 3 months or so, we have a big clean out - it always makes the house run more smoothly. I know what you mean about the claustrophobic feeling. I get it when I walk into the children's bedrooms when they're messy!

God bless, Tereza:-)