Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Healthy Breakfast Options

We have for the past 2 years been on a journey to eating healthiER. I like to say that we already ate healthy because I didn't use pre-packaged, frozen or canned food but we did do the occasional fast food. We also didn't know that there were so many important steps to eating like fermenting food and soaking grains. Living and learning.

Today I was reading Mary's blog and saw that she shared a recipe for a smoothie. She too is on a journey to eating healthier. I thought that I might share the smoothie we made this morning and I took pictures of.

Today, we got started rather late and I decided instead of fixing our traditional breakfast of egg and fruit, I would just whip up a smoothie.

Here is the recipe:

1 large avocado;
2 or 3 very ripe frozen bananas (here is a tip: I buy the over ripe bananas that go on sale then I cut them into pieces and freeze them. When I need bananas for smoothies or bread/ cake I just use my frozen goodies.)
2 T of chocolate powder
about 2 cups of so of almond milk (use what you got: coconut milk, water or even cow's milk)

Blend everything until it looks like chocolate mousse or pudding! If you like it very sweet add your sweetener of choice. I got my kids used to eating dark chocolate, so the smoothie was sweet enough for them.

I served it in tall glasses with a straw.




Dad came home for lunch, so we had breakfast for lunch. I fixed the oatmeal pancakes I found on a comment a week ago. It's wonderful. I will share the recipe soon. I soak the oats overnight in buttermilk and prepare the batter in the morning. We also had sausage and fried eggs!! So yeah, we had breakfast today but it was for lunch! The fun and freedom of homeschooling!!

What did you have for breakfast today??


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