Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Garden Update II

I am still working on the Learning Log of August. We did so much that I am still including photos.

In the meantime, I thought you might be interested in seeing what my garden is looking like.

On the left is the harvest of last week. Our second batch of green beans of our second crop, cherry tomatoes, okra (you forget to pick them just one day then the next day they are gigantic!), my wonderful eggplants and some banana peppers.

Here is what the raised beds look like. Behind this one with the eggplant, brocolli and okra,
I have another one with greens, banana peppers, cherry tomato going everywhere and more eggplants. 
Did I tell you I looooove eggplant???

Here is the raised bed with my 
greens and peppers.

Here is my cherry tomato plant that I started from seed.
It's going everywhere and 
it has crawled onto the ground.

Today I pruned it badly!!
it's all contained now inside a tomato cage.

I am hoping that it will bring more tomatoes before
fall gets here. It's Alabama so it might happen!

Here is today's harvest.

All those green cherry tomatoes 
came from the pruning of the 
wild tomato plant.

I will be making some green salsa of some sort. :)

And to make me even happier,
more eggplants!!!

How has your garden been doing?

I am really happy with my gardening experience.

I want to do it again next spring.

In fact, I am not stopping. I am planting some fall crops like greens, brocolli and lettuces.

Oh, and beets too!!

To your left fresh green beans 
from my garden!!

Just a little olive oil, salt and garlic. Sautee until they turn a darker green, probably 10 minutes and serve.

My kids who thought didn't like green beans have been eating their serving and licking fingers!!

Victory!! :)

What have you been planting??


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