Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Thrifty Scrapper: How to make a Scrapbook Wedding Album

A while back I shared about the Scrapbook Wedding Album that I made on a budget. We used a Martha Stewart Wedding kit that my sister in law had previously purchased at Walmart. I think she paid less than $20.00 for it. It was on sale. On that previous post, on the link above, I shared some of the pages with the bride's wedding photos on them.

As promised, below you can see the video where I share all 20 pages before they were delivered to the bride. In the video, I share what I used and how we cut corners and used what we had on hand. Please excuse my fidgeting with the camera, blinds and pages, as well as the children's noise in the background. I have a busy household. :)

I hope to inspire you to think outside the box and that even if you don't have the money, you can still make beautiful creations and memorable keepsakes! Enjoy!

How have you creatively used your own resources lately?

Have a blessed week, :)


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