Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Prayer 12-28-2010

Dear Jesus,

Help me to encourage my children today. Help me to be positive, to point out their strengths and not their flaws. Help me to see them as you do - with all the potential to realize their dreams, to become who you have designed them to be.

Today as I read Elizabeth's post it gave me peace to just be me. It reminded me not to compare myself to others and vice versa. It made me realize that many a times I am so very judgmental and think that I know better than everybody else. I thank you that you are in control, that as you are working in my life, you are working in everyone's lives around me.

I thank you for letting me see that. I want to affirm that you are working in my children lives, you are working in my family's lives. That the good work that you started you will complete!!! And that they will stay the course and will not stray from it.

Thank you Jesus for your Grace. Thank you!!!!! :)

PS I love to see you smile. :)


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Char said...

That is perfect, thank you, Char