Thursday, January 21, 2010

Vintage inspired Easter and valentines Cards

Hi everyone, real quick post just to share a couple of cards I made this past week.

I have been busy with my birds (that's what I call my children sometimes)...but I did have time to create a couple of cards that were roaming around my brain for a while.

The first one is an Easter card...well not really Easter but a card to celebrate the Life of the Lamb of God really. My pastor a couple of years ago shared with us during Resurrection Sunday how the Passover lamb was a foreshadowing of the sacrifice of the One True Lamb of God: Jesus! What I thought was really interesting was that the lamb to be sacrificed was kept in the house as a pet. At the end of the week it was then slaughtered and eaten by everyone in the house.

When I found the vintage image of this little girl holding a lamb like it was her pet I could not resist but turn it into a card to celebrate the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. Of course, the red satin ribbon is to remind us of the blood that was shed for the forgiveness of our sins.

I altered the image digitally and added my text. Of course, I can customize the card with whatever text you like or Bible verse. Email me if you would like to have some of these! To see some of my other digitally altered ART and cards go HERE.

I already have a custom order for 20 of these. I think in a time where Christians get distracted with bunnies, eggs and chocolate, we need to set our eyes on Jesus.

I also created some 3x4" tags for decoration, gift giving or attaching to goody bags.

The second card is just a card that I created thinking of someone who may need a "pick me up" message. :)

Have a blessed weekend...


PS these cards will be on my Etsy shop for sale, of course!!

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AnaIsa said...

Olá Tereza!
Que trabalhos lindos! Aliás, como sempre nos habituou:) Como está esse passarinho pequenino? Quase a sair da casca, não? não ter dito nada ainda sobre aqueles álbuns maravilhosos, mas tenho andado numa correria! bem, é assim: vou querer um para a BEATRIZ para início de Agosto. Ela faz 10 anos no dia 17 e vai adorar. Mas como você tem uns meses bem felizes e trabalhosos pela frente, a gente pode combinar os detalhes mais tarde. O que acha?
Um beijo muito grande!