Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New designs and Unschooling.

OH, Gosh!! I am soooo busy!! I have just listed 2 new cards that I made the other night when I had some thoughts running through my head!! They are one of a kind and are the result of my meditation time. :) They can be found in my Etsy shop.

I have just finished a couple of Bridesmaids custom orders and have a few more to go. I also have a journal custom order that I will post photos here when I am done. I love all these challenging custom orders. they are a lot of fun! So if you are looking for something unique bring it on! Use the link on the side to email me.

I am also working on a Wedding 2 page spread layout and 12x12 premade pages that I will be listing on Ebay on the next couple of weeks. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter or to follow the blog if you are interested to be notified when I list them. I think I will do BUY IT NOWs and they will be pretty affordable to all!! :)

In the midst of all that, I am also home educating or homeschooling. My oldest is reading and also carries her Math workbook around as she practices her addition and subtraction. She loves it so much that she works on it all the time. :) We practice Unschooling which is a way of life really!

ok...here are the cards...


Graciete said...

Oi Tereza,
Adorei seu trabalho. Eu tenho certeza que vc terá sucesso ensinando as crianças em casa. Bjs, Graciete

Paulien van den Bosch said...

Oh.... these are such gorgeous projects!!!!!
Love them!

Lisa said...

Thank you for your kind words! I am truly touched. You made my day...me?....an inspiration?
I am fascintated with the page you duplicated on your other blog! I keep comparing the two. Love it! Love the whole idea of using what you have--I do that all the time.

LAURIE said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me that wonderful comment.

Even though I tied "smoking" to sin, it is also my prayer that God would allow me to see what needs to be changed in MY heart and not be looking at others. That is Gods business not mine. My husband always preaches this about sinners ..."you don't have to tell a sinner he is a sinner... they already know it." But we can love and accept them and then let God work the rest out.

I have to say I just love these cards you made ... you are really gifted. It is awesome to see how God is using you with your talents.

-blessings, Laurie