Thursday, December 11, 2008

the JOYS of WINTER - 12x12 Layout on Ebay

hi everyone, it has been raining for the past 2 days in my neck of the woods. We are shut indoors with lots to do!! :)

This is a quick post just to let you know what I am listing tonight.

The last Ebay layout I listed sold AFTER the auction was over. I had 2 people email me about it AFTER the auction is over. Due to limited time I am NOT relisting my layouts. If they don't sell, I am using them. I am putting my own pictures on them and filing them in my scrapbooks. I wonder how many Ebay scrappers do that? How many layouts with Tear Bears can one have? ;)

Anyway, here is the layout I am listing tonight. And I am re-listing another layout just because I could not find the perfect photos for it. :( I will be looking for them though, because I am NOT re-listing it again. :)

I have used 2 vintage prints to demonstrate how to use the layout. The first one is one a 4x6" mat and the second is a print that is almost 5x7". There is enough room on the layout to hold 2 4x6" photos, or more than 3 photos cropped to 4x4" or 3x5".

Make sure you click on the images to see them enlarged and all the details. On the listing tonight on Ebay there will be many photos with details. thanks for looking. :)

enjoy!! :) Got to go make banana muffins with my daughter. :)


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