Sunday, October 12, 2008

Family Album SOLD and next Give Away!

My Family album sold AFTER the auction was over!! Now, tell me that isn't God's favor??!!! :) A sis from northern California contacted me saying she saw the album but the auction was over. She inquired if it was still available. So we closed the transaction really smoothly. She is an Etsy lover too so it was easy breezy!!

My experience with Etsy has been that sellers and buyers are more personal and professional at the same time. Transactions there occur very smoothly and people just appreciate one another. I thing there is less stress since fees are so reasonable. ;)

Anyway, I will be posting more later. Now, just a quick note to my followers and subscribers that my next Give Away will be held on October 15th. More on that later!!!

Have a beautiful Sunday afternoon!!!


1 comment:

Marina said...

your albums lookd so pretty I am glad you where able to sell one ")
have a bless day, marina