Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy Spring Easter Card Set

Hi not Spring time yet...but I know a lot of people (me included!) who are wishing it was. So with that in mind and Amy's gorgeous card pockets as inspiration I have created this lovely card set.

Amy is the owner of and she has wonderful cards. She has one that is actually a little pocket and out of it comes this tag. She has made different pockets and tags sizes and shapes. The one that inspired me was the pocket with the tag in the shape of an egg.

We, at home, don't celebrate Easter with eggs and bunnies. One of the reasons is I don't want to confuse my children. The whole holiday began with a pagan celebration and it was then Christianized. It's been over 10 years now that I have become a committed, born again Christian and when I was a child we celebrated the holiday with eggs, bunnies and chocolate. So to me celebrating Easter with these symbols means going back to my pagan ways.

Anyway... I got inspired by her card and decided why not make one with a Bible verse in it??

God is sooo awesome that He gives us the opportunity of new beginnings every day. Every day the sun comes up giving us the chance of a new start. The flowers and birds come back after a long winter; the rainbow shows itself off in the sky after the for me, a reminder that In Christ, all things become NEW is so delightful! What a joy to know that in Christ, there is forgiveness and everything CAN become new because He died for our sins. That He cleanses us from ALL our iniquities and because He rose from the dead there is HOPE that all things are possible to those that believe in Jesus!! Aleluia!!

enjoy the cards!!


Amy-Razz Pizazz Boutique said...

Your tags are just breath taking! I love Easter things combined with a scripture, just beautiful! Thank you so much for your compliments, you are a blessings...
Warmest Regards,
Amy :)

Decorative Memories said...

Very cute cards Tereza!! Love the idea of having a tag inside with a spring related scripture!