Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My breakthrough

I was reading Barbara Sher. Wondering why the heck I was reading her (knowing that all things work together for good and the Lord leads)? Why I was enjoying the writings and thoughts of this woman with an evolutionist worldview? I have no clue if she is a Bible believing Christian. She doesn't sound like one.

Anyway, I began to think about my dreams and then I prayed....

Dear Lord,

If you want us to go to ... you are going to have to do it! YOU have to make IT happen! I just can't see a way for it to come to pass.

Then it hit me: I was trying to make it happen!! I was trying to figure it out how. I was trying to add the numbers and come up with a game plan. My part is to say YES!, submit and let God. He can do the rest.

Ooooooooooh! I can see adventure in my future. Hold on tight!!!

And there is peace. Finally! :)


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