Thursday, July 28, 2016

Update on my weight loss journey with photos.

 So this is me on May 31st, 2015. I had been going strong on a Whole Foods Plant Based Lifestyle for 11 weeks and had shed 27 pounds. I weighed 211 pounds and was wearing a very old pair of pants that I hadn't put on since 2002. Pants were a 
size 18W.

I felt great. Had more energy, was exercising and walking almost daily. 

When I saw this photo, I thought I looked SHORT. :/

It really did not depict how I felt on the inside.

This is me 2 days ago - July 26, 2016.

Weight 171 pounds. Wearing a brand new pair of jeans
size 11 youth. 

Feeling great.
Comfortable in my
new skin and body. 
I feel TALL! :)

My desire is to
keep going and reach
150 pounds and
then see what's next. 

In May of last year I could not foresee what I would look like or how I would feel this year. I just knew that I was feeling pretty great then and the results were showing up quickly and pain free. I wanted to keep going and that's what I did.

I still feel the same. I want to keep moving forward. 
I don't know where I will end up but I know it will be good. :)

What journey have you been on? How are you feeling? 



Dawn Rebekah said...

You look awesome. You should be very proud of yourself. So are you vegan or do you still eat some dairy?
Blessings, Dawn

Tereza Crump said...

Hi Dawn, thanks for commenting. I am Whole Foods Plant Based. Vegans are usually not only concerned with eliminating animal products from their foods but also from their clothing and any other items they use daily. We are not there yet. We are educating ourselves about animals but for now we are mostly plant based for health reasons. I don't eat any dairy at all. I do cook meat once a week or every other week for one meal for my family. The serving portion is really small now compared to before but my husband and children are just not ready to give up their meat yet. But as a family we do not eat any other animal products at all - no eggs, no milk, no cheese. No processed or packaged foods that contain whey, milk, butter or cheese. We eat mostly rice, beans, potatoes, grains in general, lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. We are not deprived at all and we all feel great. We haven't been sick in over year and a half. :)