Wednesday, June 17, 2009

On your Wedding Day Card

Once a bride now a friend's bride, a former customer asked me to customize and personalize a special card for her friend that is getting married. This is what we came up with together.

I think she loves red. I made her Bridesmaids' cards in red, now this card for her friend in red also. :)

I got more to share later on this week. I am running out of time. My parents arrive next week from Brazil and I am so very busy with lots of custom orders and getting the house ready for them.

Thanks for stopping by. :)



fromtheheartart said...

I love the red and black! Very pretty! Thanks to your encouragement, I finally have my blog up with actual words and pictures now! Thank you again... I hope you have a great visit with your parents. Pam Coxwell

Michelle said...

Have you seen the new wedding stamps from Whiff of Joy that haven been released, they may not be your style but I thought it worth mentioning.

Lovely work as always!