Friday, August 8, 2008

Grace Kelly the Princess

hi everyone...

my First Give Away is in full swing. Don't forget to enter. All you have to do is leave me a comment here until August 31st. I will then enter all names and draw the winner one who will receive at home a box full of FREE goodies.

On another note...Look what I have been up to.... I got some new cards designed with the Princess Grace Kelly.

How can one improve such beauty?? LOL

Great excitement is in the air...I am getting ready to launch a new line of cards in a new venture with a new friend. I will let you know more soon. :)

I am also working with a wonderful new Boutique in Indiana and they are having their Pink carpet Grand Opening Party at the end of August. I am busy getting some great items to give away in the goodie bags for the event.

I have been very busy.... But thank God He is with me and I want to Praise His Great name!!

I will post a photo of the items the winner of my First Give Away will receive... just give me a couple more days!! :)

have a beautiful blessed day!!


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