Saturday, November 19, 2011

Look what I found!

 I am always looking for books that will have a story with depth and a Biblical worldview. I get tired of the superficial and humanistic books available to children nowadays. So Lamplighter books are a breath of fresh air. They are beautifully bound and have wonderful captivating stories.

My children love their Audio Dramas and from time to time they have entire dramas FREE on their homepage. We have been able to listen to Teddy's Button for Free that way. You can go HERE and hear the first 2 episodes for FREE. You will be hooked!!

Right now they are having an amazing Promotion on 8 items, including 5 audio dramas for just $99.00. Of course, I am jumping on board and purchasing that for my children.

But I found some of the books they sell on Lamplighter website for FREE on Google books. Here are a few with their links. Once you click on the links, scroll down the page until you find the sections or chapters and click on the first one. Then click Download on the right top corner and download either PDF or EPUB to your computer and save it in a folder. That is what I do and then peruse later for read out louds for my children. Enjoy!!!

Helen; or Temper and its Consequences by Mrs George Gladstone

The Boy who Wandered; or Jack and the Minnchen by Mrs George Gladstone

The Hedge of Thorns by Mrs. Sherwood

Little threads: or, Tangle thread, Silver thread, and Golden thread by Elizabeth Prentiss

Now I am off to enjoy my children... what are you up to this morning??


**** If you are here and read the entire post here is another tip for finding FREE books online and a link for a another great read The Gold Thread - A story for the Young by Norman MAcleod.

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